Antimicrobial Paints

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Antimicrobial Paints are not any different from the paints which we generally use. The only difference is the use of the active ingredients for the antimicrobial activity. We have a scientifically proven nanotechnology base solution for the long-lasting antimicrobial effect over the painted surface directly. It is the Silver ion technology. Nanosilver is a versatile nanomaterial that has been used since ancient times for various purposes. Here we are displaying the antiviral and antimicrobial properties of nanosilver as the nanosilver is inert inorganic and polymeric mediums. Therefore, it never loses its property when mixed in paints.

Why Nano Silver?

Nanosilver technology is the most effective way to kill the microbes and to stop their propagation. It has been proven in many pieces of research that the regular release of silver ions leads to the destruction of the microbial cells. Paints stay over any surface, and with it, the silver is attached to it, making it non- leachable.

Effective by International Standards

AgPure Nano silver is proved antimicrobial and antifungal by different international standards, such as:

  • JIS Z 2801:2000, ISO 22196:2007
  • JIS L 1902:2002, DIN EN ISO 20743:2007
  • JIS Z 2801:2000, ISO 22196:2007; SN 195921

Safe to human tissue:

Our silver containing microfiber cloth: Do not show irritations on the
skin of the test persons even those having atopic eczema (Test
report Dermatronnier, DT-NR: 16/01/06)

  • Nano silver causes no sensitization to the laboratory animals (according to Local Lymph Node Assay – LLNA, Test report BSL Bioservice, Project No.: 070516)

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Theoretical Basis of Nano silver antiviral action

  • International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7, 5007–18 (2012). Inactivation of microbial infectiousness by silver nanoparticles-coated condom: a new approach to inhibit HIV- and HSV-transmitted infection. 
  • Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) (2011) Silver nanoparticles as potential antiviral agents.
  • Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2010), 8:1 Mode of antiviral action of silver nanoparticles against HIV-1
  • DARU Vol 17, No. 2 (2009), 88 In Vitro Antiviral Effect of "Nano
    silver" on Influenza Virus
  • Antivir Ther. (2008);13(2):253-62. Silver nanoparticles inhibit hepatitis B virus replication
  • J. Nanobiotechnol. (2005) 3, 6 Interaction of silver nanoparticles with HIV-1

Mechanism of Nano Silver

  • Due to the slow release of silver ions (oxidation of metallic silver followed by elution of Ag+ ions) the antimicrobial effect of products supplemented with our silver is very persistent.
  • Our Nano Silver exhibits strong activity against all gram-positive and gram-negative Bacteria, even antibiotic-resistant strains, yeast and fungi. (Viruses can be inactivated by unbonded nano silver particles.)

Looking at the theoretical and research data, the AgPure nano silver is the best product against viral agents and the most effective sanitizing agent till date.


Aqueous Based Nano Silver

1) RN-RAS-W10 - Conc. : 0.5 % - 10.0 %

It is a nano silver colloidal dispersion with a nominal silver content of 10 w/w%. W10 dispersion is dark orange; it is an aqueous dispersion of nano silver with stabilizing agents, consisting of < 10 % emulsifying agent.

2) RN-RAS-W50 Conc. : 45.0 ±1.50 %

W50 is based on W10. They differ in the absolute content of the ingredients. As absolute concentrate of our technology, it is the basis for applications with special demands and for the most of our special high concentration grades.


Solvent Based Nano Silver

1) RN-RAS-W3 Conc. : 3.0 ±0.1 %

W3 is based on W50. The addition of special dispersants makes the formulation of solvent based products easier. Especially varnishes and sol/gel coatings are easier to formulate for our customers.

2) RN-RAS-WI Conc. : 3.0 ±0.1 %

It is a liquid additive for color sensitive applications. It is designed for organic varnishes and duroplastic resins. 


Powder Based Nano Silver

RN-RAS-W2 Conc. : 2.0 ±0.1 %

W2 contains silver nanoparticles adsorbed on larger titanium dioxide particles.
This powder shows drastically reduced colour effects compared to W10 or W50

Technical know-how of usage of nano silver

For aqueous based or highly polar varnishes our W10, W50 and W2 grades are recommended. Organic solvent based, nonpolar varnishes or sols for sol/gel coating should be formulated with W3, I or W2 grades. It is strongly
recommended that the dosage of nano silver is adapted to the required antimicrobial efficacy of the specific varnish formulation.

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