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Reinste offers latest Long term Hygienic solutions for all surfaces , with best in class solutions to all needs of business to run efficiently and without downtime.

Contact Mr. Arun ( Technical Consultant ) for all your technical and commercial queries [email protected] | Tel : +91-120-4781212/ 4781213/ 4781217 | Mobile : +91 9810662669


All Surfaces that are safe to touch

Reinste Provides Coatings for all Surfaces of Metals, Glass , Plastics, Wood, Fabric, Leather, Ceramic , Polished Natural Stone , terracotta etc apply a self-sanitizing nano Silver based made in India coatings that kills viruses/ bacteria and fungus on contact, and remains active on surfaces for 90-365 days if the coating is intact. These Coatings are  water/ Solvent borne thin-film coating keeps surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens. 

Action mechanism:

The action mechanism of the Nano coating is based on a combination of Nano silver ions released from Nano Silver Particles. AgNPs inhibit the replication of virus by attaching with the elements present in the proteins of Virus. The Ag+ work to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus by interacting with its surface (spike) protein and also penetrates the lipid layer of virus thus inhibiting the virus to replicate, by attaching with its RNA.

Key features :

  • Easy to apply and Long lasting
  • Thin film , transparent Protection against virus & bacteria.
  • Provides 99.9% germ protection for upto 365 days. 
  • Contains effective Nano materials with no cytotoxicity. 
  • Self-Sanitation avoids requirement of regular disinfecting.
  • Recommended for all surfaces like Plastered Surfaces, metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, tiles etc.

Areas Covered in a Work Place :

  • Reception
  • Waiting area
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Lounges
  • Cafeterias
  • Counters
  • Tea/ Coffee Vending machines/areas
  • Individual Executive Rooms / Cabins
  • Washrooms
  • Workplace/ Sitting areas
  • Training Rooms
  • Recreational / workout places
  • Store Room
  • Computer Rooms and Labs

Surfaces Covered :

  • Glass Partitions in the Offices and Individual Cabins and Work Stations
  • Metal ,Wooden and Plastic Surfaces of Work stations
  • Mirrors, Ceramic Seats, Metallic/ Plastic fittings, natural Stone in washrooms
  • Wooden Partitions and walls in corridors of office
  • Frequently touched surfaces like keyboards, phones, mouse etc
  • Chairs, Sofa, Curtains, blinds
  • Reception Counters of Granite/ marble/ metals/ wood
  • Water/ coffee/ tea dispensers
  • File cabinets of metals/ wood
  • Handles , Stair railings, Lifts, Switches etc

Contact Mr. Arun ( Technical Consultant ) for all your technical and commercial queries [email protected] | Tel : +91-120-4781212/ 4781213/ 4781217 | Mobile : +91 9810662669

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Sanitation Services

In COVID era the most sought services are sanitization services, finding a reliable and effective sanitization service for home, office, building or your car could be daunting and expensive task.

This write up would like to address some of your issues with regard to sanitization and how you can address it. Choosing the correct product and service provider not only gives you protection but also helps you in saving valuable time, effort and money.

Choose the Place of your Sanitization and your need :

Sanitization Services for Offices

Sanitization Services for Homes/ Residential Buildings

Sanitization Services for Commercials

Sanitization Services for Industrial

Questions to ask before a Sanitization work ?

  • What is the sanitization chemical consist of, name of chemical and its safety for humans
  • What is the life of sanitization , i.e how long the effect of sanitization will remain and how ?
  • After normal cleaning like dusting, surface wiping whether the surface will remain sanitized ?
  • What is the total cost of sanitization to remain sanitized 24* 7* 365 days
  • Is same sanitizer works for wood, metals, plastic, glass , fabric then how it sticks with their surface and how long

How to calculate your Coatings requirement ?

Coatings requirement can be calculated by approximately understanding where the coating needs to be applied and the total coverage of coating per liter.
following points needs to be considered for effectively knowing the correct volumes to order.

  • What all different surfaces will you like to cover using Warrior Coatings
  • Know the applicability of coating on each surface, i.e on how many surfaces a coating can be applied
    Know the features of each coating
  • Know what is the average life of coating you are looking for , the life of coatings vary from few days to 12 months of Antimicrobial action.
  • How much aberration these coatings would face, floor coatings will have much more aberration as compered to wall coatings.
  • How much traffic coated surface will have to handle, all public places will require much rugged coatings as compared to homes or small offices
  • Calculate average surface area of each type of surface like metals, wood, glass, ceramics etc
  • Based on the Coating life and usage select an appropriate coating, find the area coverage of that coating
    Select a coating which can be applied on multiple surfaces
  • Divide total area by area covered per liter = volume of coating required

It is always advisable to understand the total cost of ownership regarding the disinfection/ sanitization/ cleaning or hygene services, most of the services have low rates but so do their lifes, i.e the effect will remain only few hrs, again the microbes will grow on the surface once the effect is gone in few hours.

But your requirement is actually not for few hrs but for 24*7*365 days .

So a service which only charges Rs 2/ Sqft and the effect only last 8 hrs actually cost

Total Cost of Cheap Sanitization / Year = Rs 2 * 24 hrs * 265 days / 8 = Rs 2190 / Sq ft

Where as a Costing which Last for 365 days and Cost Rs 100 / Sq ft is about 21 times or 2100% Cheaper.

Contact : Technical Assistance Team

Warrior Antimicrobial / AntiViral Coatings

Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt Ltd

Tel : +91-120-4781212/ 4781213/ 4781217

Technical Help Line : +91-9810662668