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Designed to deliver the purest


All types of our nanodiamomnds and nano-diamond/graphine mixture are produced by controlled detonation in dry atmosphere followed by a multistep purification procedure. We are ready to change the properties/quality of the product in case of special requirements.

Detonation Nanodiamonds

Nanodiamonds, 20%, raw (nanodiamod soot)
Nanodiamonds, 20%, purified (nanodiamod soot)
Nanodiamonds, 4-6 nm, grade G01 (ash content <1,4%)
Nanodiamonds, 4-6 nm, extra pure, grade G02 (ash content <0,1%)
Nanodiamonds, 4-6 nm, grade G01, 4 wt.% suspension in water
Colloidal solution of nanodiamonds, 4-6 nm (grade single-digit-nanodiamonds “SDND”), 5 wt.% in water
Nanodiamonds, 4-6 nm, surface modified, positively charged, 10 wt.% suspension in water

Diamond particles: from sub-micron to micron

Diamonds, ≤ 100 nm (size-grade 0,1/0)
Diamonds, ≤ 250 nm (size-grade 0,25/0)
Diamonds, ≤ 500 nm (size-grade 0,5/0)
Diamonds, 500-1000 nm (size-grade 1/0,5)
Diamonds, 10-14 micron (size-grade 1200 mesh)
Diamonds, 80-110 micron (size-grade 140-170 mesh)
Diamonds, 250-300 micron (size-grade 50-60 mesh)
Diamonds, 500-600 micron (size-grade 30-35 mesh)

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