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  • 10nm NHS-Activated Silver Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit (3 Reactions)

10nm NHS-activated Silver Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit have been optimized for high efficiency one-step conjugation of proteins and other primary amine-containing ligands to silver nanoparticles.

The kit contains ready-to-use pre-made mixtures. No activation or manipulation of the silver nanoparticles is required prior to conjugation, which often results in poor performing conjugates. Simply mix your protein with the pre-activated NHS ester silver nanoparticles supplied with the kit.

This mini kit contains 3 individual reaction vials with lyophilized NHS-activated silver nanoparticles for performing three independent conjugation reactions.

Kit Components

  • 10nm NHS-Activated Silver Nanoparticles (lyophilized) – 3 vials
  • Protein Resuspension Buffer
  • Reaction Buffer
  • Quencher Solution

Features & Benefits

  • Results in covalently bound ligand and more stable conjugate.
  • Fast and convenient one-step conjugation reaction with no pre-activation requirements.
  • Spacer between the silver nanoparticle surface and conjugated ligand minimizes effects on the tertiary protein structure, which can lead to poor performing conjugates, a common problem seen in conjugates prepared by passive adsorption.
  • Precisely engineering surface coating that reduces non-specific protein binding in biological assays.

Gold Nanoparticle Specifications

Surface functionality: NHS-ester (~ 1 NHS group/nm2) (5kDa PEG-spacer between silver surface and NHS-group)

Core diameter: 10nm

Concentration: OD=50 (when dissolved to a final volume of 100ul)

Particles per ml: ~7.2E+13 (when dissolved to a final volume of 100ul)

Absorbance (lambda max): 390-405nm

4 / 100


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