Aluminium powder

  • Aluminium Nanopowder ;
  • Particle size: 40 nm ;
  • Purity: 99.9%,
  • Metal basis ;
  • Morphology: Spherical
Product name Aluminum powder (nano and micron) A011, A012, A015,A016
 Particle size 40nm(A011), 70nm( A012), 100nm(A015), 200nm(A016), 1-2um(A018)
 Packing 25g,50g,100g for nano, and 1kg,20kg for micron, or as needed.
 Purity 99.9%, metal basis, available for surface treatment with oxygen,PVP,oil acid, terpinol
 Morphology Spherical

Product Overview

Our high-quality Aluminium Powder is characterized by its fine particle size and high reactivity, making it a versatile material suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. This lightweight, silvery-white metal powder is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and reflectivity. Aluminium powder is commonly used in metallurgy, chemical processes, and manufacturing of high-performance materials due to its ability to react with other materials and its excellent energy absorption properties.

Key factor

  • Particle Size: Available in various micron sizes, typically ranging from fine powders to coarser flakes depending on the application.
  • Purity: High purity levels to ensure consistent performance and reliability in end-use applications.
  • Form: Available as a fine powder, facilitating ease of use in manufacturing processes and application methods.
  • Packaging: Securely packaged to maintain quality and prevent contamination during storage and transport.


  • Pyrotechnics and Explosives: Used extensively in the production of fireworks and other pyrotechnic compositions due to its ability to produce bright flashes and loud noises upon ignition.
  • Paints and Coatings: Employed in paint formulations to achieve metallic finishes and protective coatings due to its excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Utilized in 3D printing processes for metal parts, where its light weight and strength are valuable.
  • Chemical Processes: Acts as a reducing agent in various chemical reactions and is used in the production of aluminium compounds.


  • High Reactivity: Provides excellent energy release when reacted, useful in applications requiring quick energy release, such as explosives.
  • Light Weight: Aluminium’s low density makes it ideal for applications requiring strong, lightweight materials.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Offers natural resistance to corrosion, enhancing durability in exposed environments.
  • Reflectivity: Highly reflective, making it suitable for light-reflective applications like roofing materials or thermal insulation.


We are committed to ongoing research and development in advanced material solutions, supporting our clients with the latest in material technology and application innovations.

Opting for Hiyka’s Aluminium Powder means choosing a versatile, high-performance material supported by a commitment to quality, customer service, and technical excellence. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, chemical processing, or product development, our aluminium powder is engineered to enhance the efficiency and quality of your products.

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