Anti Corrosion and Thermally Conductive Coating for Copper ( Epoxy Solvent Based )

Product Name : Warrior Anticorrosion Thermally Conductive Coating (Epoxy Solvent based)

Product Code : RN-AVZ-G-C-EP-S-CORR

Color : Black

Form : Liquid

Base :  Solvent

Resin : Epoxy ( Hard , Scratch resistant water repellent  film )

Pack : Two Pack ( Mix and Use with in 30 mins of mixing )

Dilutable : The product should not  be diluted .( Please ensure that after mixing the hardener the product is properly mixed for 5 minutes at least.

Usage : After opening the cover product must be used with in 1 hrs, also always keep the product container closed.

Drying Time : 1 –  2 hrs ( Quick Drying )

Caution : Do not operate the AC or HVAC unit as due to condensation of water on surface this coating may not adhere to surface property , so the unit must be operated post drying of the coating.

Shelf Life : The product can be stored for 12 months from the date of manufacturer with out opening.

Surfaces for Application : Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Iron

Application By : Dip Coating, Spray, Brush or Roller ( Choose depending upon the surface )

Features :

  • Anti corrosion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent bonding
  • Anti fungal
  • Water Resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non Toxic
  • Thermally Conductive
  • Latest Nanotechnology Based
  • Easy to use ( Can be used by brush, spray )

Suggested Application in Air-condition Units :

  • Stop AC Gas Leak
  • Stop Copper Corrosion
  • Prevents General Corrosion
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Save the environment by stopping the harmful gas leakage
  • Protects surface from any type of attacks by acid, alkali, solvents, salt & hard water on the copper surface.

Suggested Application Areas :

  • AC Coils
  • Coils of Split AC
  • Copper rusting
  • Copper Coils
  • Chiller Units
  • Chiller pipes
  • Ductable Coils
  • PNG Pipe lines
  • Green Corrosion
  • Water Coolers
  • Panel Coolers
  • VRV Piping

Best Suitable for : Home Window and Split AC’s, HVAC systems in Malls, Offices , Societies , Chiller Plants many other applications

Pack Sizes : 1 Lt, 5 Lt, 20 Lt

Prices :

  • 250 ml – Rs 1050 + GST + Transport
  • 1 Lt – Rs 2625 + GST + Transport
  • 5 Lt  Rs 11,550 + GST + Transport  ( Rs 2310 / Lt)
  • 20 Lt  Rs 40,950 + GST + Transport ( Rs 2048/ Lt)

Volume discount available for Qty above 100 Liters

 Note : Warrior Anticorrosion Thermally Conductive  ( Solvent based for Quick drying ) Coating is far superior to other available coatings in market as the other coatings may provide corrosion resistance but due to the poor conductivity of these coatings ( as they are not thermally conductive,  where as copper is highly thermally conductive ) so applying these coatings on copper pipers will significantly reduce your AC performance and your electricity bill will sky rocket , where as our Coatings have been added with Nanomaterials which have equivalent thermal conductivity as copper and also our coating is having excellent adhesion with copper , thus making it really effective from all aspects not just anti corrosion .


The product image(s) shown is a reference for the actual product. While every effort has been made to maintain complete accuracy and up to date product information, it is important to go through details such as product labels, manufacturing details, batch, warnings, and directions before using a packaged product. For additional information,  please refer to the contact details mentioned on the label. This is not a device & for use only as a paint/ coating, does not guarantee against defects and is not a guarantee against other corrasion issues . Pls consult literature before application.