Titanium Nano Powder Used In Alloy Additives

Particle Sizes : 40nm, 70nm, 100nm, 150nm,

Purity : 99.9%

1-3um (RN-HW-B186), 10um (RN-HW-B188) 99.5%

Oleic Acid Coated Superfine Anti Corrosive Titanium Nanopowder: 40nm (RN-HW-A180), 99.9%,high active, oleic acid coated.

Nano titanium powder, high purity, small particle size , high surface activity, can fully applied coatings, resins, and nano titanium surface parcel after treatment, can place a long time without being oxidized, through nano-titanium surface treatment can be very good dispersed, overcoming nanopowder agglomeration.


Titanium powder has long been used as an alloying additive for a variety of applications.  Recently, technological advances in the production and use of titanium powder have opened doors into the fields of powder metallurgy and metal injection molding.

Using this process, Global Titanium is able to produce both commercially pure and alloyed titanium powder in a wide range of particle sizes.  Screening and blending processes ensure accurate sizing and consistency of the powder product.  Advanced process controls and an on-site laboratory enable global titanium to effectively control chemistry, sizing, and gas content of the titanium powder

Titanium powder metallurgy can produce high performance and low cost titanium parts. Compared with those by conventional processes, high performance P/M titanium parts have many advantages: excellent mechanical properties, near-net-shape and low cost, being easy to fabricate complex shape parts, full dense material, no inner defect, fine and uniform microstructure, no texture, no segregation, low internal stress, excellent stability of dimension and being easy to fabricate titanium based composite parts.

Other Applications:

1. Titanium nanopowder, high purity, uniform particle size, high surface activity, can be sufficiently applied coatings, resins, could allow ordinary coating add wear and corrosion resistance properties of other items, secondly, coating hardness and wear resistance increased significantly, it also has the magical ability to repair itself, can be used as metallic, non-metallic materials common Putty.

2. Nano-titanium powder coating than micron titanium powder coatings with good protective properties. As the titanium nanopowder formed is chemically bonded in the coating, the coating is reduced to increase due to the presence of metallic titanium caused the number of carriers, and thus the resistance changes in the order of micrometers coating of titanium powder coating resistance variation different, Further variation of the resistance of the coating can not be explained by changes in the dielectric constant.

3. Add the modified titanium nanopowder after the epoxy matrix and adhesion between there was a marked improvement in the strength of the modified nano titanium powder coating, stiffness and plasticity are better than epoxy varnish coating, to improve the traditional epoxy varnish brittleness problem of high proportion of modified nano titanium powder were 1%, 5%, 10% of the epoxy coating, through corrosion, adhesion and tensile tests showed that adding 1% modified nano titanium powder corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the coating is best.

Pack Sizes Available :  10gm, 50 gm, 100gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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