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BSA Removal Kit for Nanoparticle Conjugation

Original price was: ₹85,770.00.Current price is: ₹57,200.00.

Kit Components

  • BSA Removal Solution (1 ml)
  • Antibody Re-Suspension Solution (1 ml)

Product Description

Antibody providers commonly add BSA, glycerol, sodium azide and other components to antibody preparation in an effort to prolong their shelf-life. However, these components negatively impact the conjugation efficiency by competing and inhibiting the reaction between the antibody to be conjugated and the nanoparticles. This generally results in poor performing conjugates in downstream applications and could also impact the stability of the conjugate. It is thus necessary to remove these contaminating components prior to conjugation for optimal performance.

BSA removal kit for nanoparticle conjugation is a simple to use kit that can be used for purification of any type of antibody from common storage buffers followed by re-suspension in a buffer suitable for nanoparticle conjugation. The complete purification procedure is completed within 30 minutes and only requires a standard microcentrifuge.  

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