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  • Carboxyl single Walled Carbon Nanotube aqueous dispersion

Carboxyl single Walled Carbon Nanotube aqueous dispersion

  • SWCNT-COOH content: 0.8-1 wt%;
  • Composition: TNSC, non-ionic surfactant, H2O;
  • Stability: Centrifuge treatment for 0.5 hours with 4000rpm;
  • Available In: 100ml.

Product Overview

Introducing our Carboxyl Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Aqueous Dispersion, a state-of-the-art nanomaterial designed for unparalleled performance in a wide range of applications. This product leverages the exceptional properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes, combined with carboxyl functionalization to ensure superior dispersion in aqueous solutions. Ideal for research and industrial applications requiring high conductivity, mechanical strength, and chemical reactivity, our SWCNT dispersion is poised to revolutionize fields such as electronics, materials science, and biotechnology.

Key factor

  • High Solubility in Aqueous Solutions: Overcomes the challenge of SWCNT dispersion in water, ensuring easy processing and application.

  • Customizable Concentration: Available in different concentrations to meet specific requirements, providing flexibility across research and development activities.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Water-based dispersion minimizes the environmental impact, offering a sustainable alternative to organic solvents.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from advanced electronics and energy storage devices to innovative biomedical research.


  • Electronics: Ideal for creating conductive pathways in flexible electronics and enhancing the performance of electronic devices.

  • Composite Materials: Enhances the mechanical and electrical properties of polymers, ceramics, and metals.

  • Energy Storage: Contributes to the development of high-performance batteries and supercapacitors.

  • Biomedical Research: Supports advancements in drug delivery systems, biosensors, and regenerative medicine.


  • Superior Dispersion: Carboxyl functionalization ensures uniform dispersion in water, eliminating aggregation and facilitating easy integration into various matrices.

  • Enhanced Conductivity: Leverages the intrinsic conductivity of SWCNTs, making it suitable for developing conductive inks, coatings, and composite materials.

  • Mechanical Reinforcement: Significantly improves the mechanical properties of host materials, including strength and durability.

  • Biocompatible Applications: Carboxyl groups enhance biocompatibility, opening up possibilities for biomedical applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.


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