Chromium Nano Powder, 40nm, 70nm, 99.9% Purity


particle size: 40nm,

purity :99.9%

black solid powder



particle size: 70nm

puritiy :99.9%,black solid powder


Nano chromium powders is one of the hardest metal element in periodic table with high surface activity and excellent electrical conductivity. nano Chrome powder is widely used in semiconductor, conductive coatings, chemicals and solar absorber and catalyst. Chromium Nano powder is also with high melting point and resists tarnishing. Nano chromium is mainly used as alloys powder like stainless steel, chrome plating and metal ceramics and so on. For chromium nano powder alloy uses as spindle bearings in aircraft engines, to increase the hardness and resistance to fatigue damage capacity of the bearing. Also commonly used in metal chromium powder coating, greatly improved abrasion resistance of metal surfaces. Chromium nano particle is also a good catalyst in dyeing and is available to use in solar absorber.

Nano chromium powder has good property of antiferromagnetic at room temperature which maybe contribute to the microwave technology applications. Chrome nano powder is a great product for widely use and explore.

Our nano metal powder user must be a professional person who must know how to use metal nano powders – the user will take full responsibility for how to use metal nanoparticles safely.

Pack Sizes Available :  100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


The product image(s) shown is a reference for the actual product. While every effort has been made to maintain complete accuracy and up to date product information, it is important to go through details such as product labels, manufacturing details, batch, warnings, and directions before using a packaged product. For additional information,  please refer to the contact details mentioned on the label. Users are recommended to test the product before usage and the suppliers warrantee is only for the cost of product not for any incidental losses  or third party losses.

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