CNTs coating

CNTs coatings
Parameter-film-forming resin: water-based Polyurethane 
thermal conductivity: 2.2-2.5 w/m.k 
rates of radiation: 0.95-0.98% 
coating thickness: 5-15 μm 
surface electric resistance: 102~103 Ω 
temperature resistance: 150-200℃ 
coating drying condition: 50-70℃ ~ 10-20 minutes, or air drying 
appearance: black liquid 
Features- coating is thin, good adhesion, resistance to flex and impact 
corrosion preventive forms a uniform and smooth film on body surface Application-  used for thermal conduction. At 80℃ heat source, temperature 
is reduced by 10℃ compare with uncoated one. Used in aluminium plate; 
cooper foil; electrical equipment’s outer case; lamp-socket, glass, impact resistance, antistatic. 
Usage method- flame plating, screen printing, roller coating, manual brushing



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