Gasoline engine oil graphene-modified

Gasoline engine oil graphene-modified
graphene content: 30%
appearance: black liquid
packing: 300ml/ bottle
Application: used for Gasoline engine oil, like auto, ship, engineering machinery, equipment of gasoline engine oil required.
graphene possess super wear resistance, can form a protective layer
on engine’s friction surface.
Optimizing engine oil
Improve wear resistance & lubrication effect
Improve engine performance & prolong service life of the engine
Improve fuel oil service efficiency & save fuel oil.
reduce noise and exhaust emissions
economize 10% fuel oil for gasoline engine(vehicle)
decrease vehicle’s exhaust fumes and noise
reducing times of engine oil change
Instructions-  shake up before using, per 4-5 litre Gasoline engine oil mix 300 milliliter graphene additive, directly add in after mixing.