Graphene electroconductive adhesive

Graphene electroconductive adhesive
component: silver powder, graphene, resin. 
graphene content: 3% , Viscosity: 13000 
thixotropic index: 4.5 , particle size: <10 μm 
Density: 3.8 g/cm3 
shelf life, (-5℃): 6 month 
solidify condition, (150℃): 60 min 
shear strength, (25℃): 21 Kg/die 
electrical resistivity: 0.0002 Ω*cm 
thermal conductivity, (120℃): 9.5 W/mK 
glass state temperature: 110 ℃ 
thermal expansivity: 55 ppm/℃ 
temperature of thermal decompositio: >300 ℃ 
appearance: silvery paste 
Application: used for FPC industry(Flexible Printed Circuit), good adhesion to PET, PI. 
Feature: Low electrical resistivity, stable quality  good bending resistance, anti-oxidation, good thixotropy  resistance to heat and humidity, comply with RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, low volatility, long service cycle.