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Graphene modified PC (Polycarbonate)

Graphene modified PC (Polycarbonate)
Feature- compare with unmodified one, there are advantages as:

  • weatherability is better
  • fatigue durability is better
  • stronger
  • less creep deformation
  • elasticity is better
  • aging resistance is better
  • Graphene content: 15%
  • Particle size: 1.5-3.0mm
  • application- used in industry areas, such as building materials, medical equipment, aircraft parts.


Product Overview

Graphene-Modified PC (Polycarbonate) represents a groundbreaking leap in materials engineering, combining the inherent strengths of polycarbonate with the extraordinary properties of graphene. This innovative composite material delivers unparalleled performance, including enhanced mechanical strength, superior thermal stability, and increased electrical conductivity. Ideal for cutting-edge applications in various sectors, graphene-modified PC is setting new standards for performance and sustainability.

Key factor

  • Enhanced Durability: The addition of graphene significantly increases the material's impact resistance and tensile strength, making it ideal for applications requiring robustness.
  • Superior Thermal Stability: Improved thermal conductivity ensures efficient heat dissipation, broadening the range of operating temperatures for devices and components.
  • Increased Electrical Conductivity: Introducing graphene into PC adds conductive properties to the inherently insulating material, opening new possibilities in electronics and electrical applications.
  • Optical Clarity: Despite graphene’s incorporation, the material maintains the high optical clarity characteristic of polycarbonate, suitable for transparent applications.


  • Versatile Applications: From aerospace and automotive to electronics and consumer goods, this material’s superior properties unlock new design and engineering possibilities.
  • Elevated Performance: Devices and components benefit from the material's advanced capabilities, leading to improved safety, efficiency, and durability.
  • Innovative Solutions: Facilitates the development of groundbreaking products that leverage the unique benefits of graphene within a polycarbonate matrix.
  • Sustainability: Promotes environmental responsibility through improved material efficiency and potential for recycling.


  • Automotive Industry: Used in the production of durable, heat-resistant components such as headlights, dashboards, and exterior panels.
  • Electronics: Ideal for electronic housings, connectors, and components requiring clarity, durability, and thermal management.
  • Aerospace: Suitable for interior cabin components, exterior cladding, and structural elements requiring lightweight strength and clarity.
  • Consumer Products: Enhances the performance and lifespan of consumer goods, including protective gear, eyewear, and electronic devices.


Graphene-Modified Polycarbonate is revolutionizing the materials industry, offering a combination of strength, thermal stability, and conductivity that meets the demands of modern applications. As industries strive for innovation and sustainability, our graphene-modified PC provides a versatile and high-performance solution. Embrace the future of materials with graphene-modified polycarbonate, where unmatched performance meets environmental responsibility.

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