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Graphene nylon composite yarn 

  • Standard: 70D-1000D (D=denier), 1000 grams/spindle
  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor(UPF): 75 (much higher than international standard of 40)
  • far infrared radiated ratio: 0.95 (higher than 0.88 index of common fabric )
  • Application: widely used for spin and weave cloth, fabric and textile.
  • Features: anti-ultraviolet, far infrared radiation, antistatic, good toughness, anti-flaming and anti-dripping, mechanical properties and heat resistance is improved significantly, dry heat shrinkage rate is small and size is stable, has antibacterial and anti mite effect, it is considered as next generation of “almighty king” silk

Product Overview

Our Graphene Nylon Composite Yarn represents a breakthrough in textile engineering, blending the unparalleled benefits of graphene with the versatility of nylon. This composite yarn is designed to meet the demands of next-generation textiles, offering superior strength, conductivity, and thermal regulation. Perfect for a wide range of applications from high-performance sportswear to smart fabrics, this innovative yarn sets a new standard in the textile industry.

Key factor

  • Enhanced Durability: Incorporates the mechanical strength of graphene, significantly increasing the yarn's resistance to wear and tear.
  • Improved Conductivity: Graphene’s electrical conductivity enables the development of textiles with integrated sensing, heating, or EMI shielding capabilities.
  • Superior Thermal Regulation: Leverages graphene's thermal properties to provide better temperature management, keeping wearers comfortable in various environments.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: Despite its enhanced properties, the yarn maintains the lightweight and flexible nature of traditional nylon, ensuring comfort and versatility.
  • Eco-friendly: Graphene addition offers potential for improved environmental sustainability through enhanced material longevity and performance.


  • Versatile Application Range: From sportswear that monitors physiological signals to protective clothing that offers superior durability and safety, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Advanced Functionalities: Enables the creation of smart textiles that can interact with their environment, offering innovative features such as UV protection, antibacterial properties, and energy harvesting.
  • Enhanced Wearer Comfort: Provides garments with the ability to regulate temperature, manage moisture, and improve breathability, enhancing comfort and performance.
  • Innovative Design Potential: Offers designers and engineers the opportunity to explore new possibilities in textile design, combining aesthetic appeal with functional innovation.


  • High-Performance Sportswear: Ideal for athletic apparel that demands both durability and functionality, including active temperature regulation and moisture management.
  • Protective Clothing: Suitable for safety gear in industries like construction, healthcare, and law enforcement, where enhanced protective qualities are crucial.
  • Smart Fabrics: Can be used in the development of wearable technology, integrating sensors and electronics directly into the fabric for health monitoring and connectivity.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Supports the creation of eco-friendly clothing options that reduce waste and energy consumption through improved material efficiency and lifespan.


The Graphene Nylon Composite Yarn ushers in a new era of textile innovation, merging the cutting-edge properties of graphene with the traditional strengths of nylon. By embracing this advanced composite yarn in your textile projects, you tap into a world of unparalleled possibilities, setting new benchmarks for performance, functionality, and sustainability in the industry. Discover the future of fabrics with our Graphene Nylon Composite Yarn, where technology and textile craft intertwine.

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