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Purified From Metallic And Organic Impurities

All types of nanodiamonds and nanographite / nanodiamonds mixtures are produced by controlled detonation synthesis followed by purification procedures. We are ready to change product quality in case of special requirements.
  • Average diamond primary particle size: 4 nm
  • Diamond content: min. 20%
  • Ash content: < 0.3%
Available in Pack Sizes
  • 5g in (grade 5g)
  • 25g in (grade 25g)
  • 100g in (grade 100g)

Product Overview

Hiyka's The Graphite/Diamond Nano-Mixture is a sophisticated composite material that leverages the unique properties of both graphite and diamond nanoparticles. This blend is designed to optimize both thermal and electrical conductivity for applications that demand high performance in extreme conditions.

Key factor

  • Composition: A precise mixture of nanoscale diamond and graphite particles.
  • Particle Size: Nanometer-scale size ensures high surface area and exceptional interface properties.


  • Electronics: Utilized in the production of conductive inks and advanced cooling systems for high-performance electronics.
  • Energy Technologies: Ideal for the next generation of heat sinks and energy storage systems, enhancing efficiency and performance.


  • Enhanced Conductivity: Combines the excellent thermal conductivity of diamond with the superior electrical conductivity of graphite.
  • High Performance: Delivers outstanding performance improvements in applications requiring high heat dissipation and electrical conductivity.


Hiyka stands out for its innovative approach in nanomaterial production, offering high-quality, precisely engineered products like the Graphite/Diamond Nano-Mixture. Their commitment to sustainability, advanced R&D capabilities, and responsive customer service make them an excellent choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions in nanotechnology. Hiyka's ability to customize products to specific industry needs ensures that they are a reliable partner for various applications.

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