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The Most Native, Raw, Just After Detonation Synthesis

All types of nanodiamonds and nanographite / nanodiamonds mixtures are produced by controlled detonation synthesis followed by purification procedures. We are ready to change product quality in case of special requirements.
Average diamond primary particle size: 4 nm
Diamond content: min. 20%
Ash content: < 6%
Available in Pack Sizes
RN – PL – GD-5g in grade 5g
RN – PL – GD-25g in grade 25g
RN – PL – GD-100g in grade 100g

Product Overview

Hiyka's This product cleverly merges the distinct properties of graphite and diamond to form a composite that enhances both thermal and electrical conductivity. It's crafted for applications where such traits are critically demanded.

Key factor

  • Enhanced Performance: Offers superior thermal management and electrical insulation due to the synergistic effects of graphite and diamond.
  • Stability: Stable under a wide range of temperatures and chemical environments.


  • High-Performance Coatings: Used in coatings that require improved abrasion resistance and conductivity.
  • Sensor Technology: Enhances the sensitivity and durability of sensors in harsh environments.


  • Increased Efficiency: Potentially lowers costs by reducing material usage while maintaining performance.
  • Innovative Applications: Opens new avenues for material application in cutting-edge technology sectors.


Choosing Hiyka means partnering with a leader in the field of nanotechnology known for its high-quality products, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability. Hiyka excels in producing tailored nanomaterials that meet specific industrial needs, supported by robust customer service and global distribution capabilities. Their focus on research and development allows them to stay at the forefront of nanotechnology advancements, ensuring that they deliver cutting-edge materials for a variety of applications.

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