High Purity Iron Oxide Nano (Fe3O4) Powder

Particle size: 100-200nm

Cat#: RN-HW-P632

Purity: 99%

Color: black

Grade: nano

CAS: 1317-61-9

EINECS: 215-277-5

Application of Fe3O4 Nanopowder:

In contemporary electrification and information society, magnetic materials are widely used. As a multifunctional magnetic material, ferroferric oxide magnetic material has been widely used in the fields of tumor treatment, microwave absorbing materials, catalyst carriers, cell separation, magnetic recording materials, magnetic fluids, medicine, etc. There are development prospects.

1.Biological medicine

Fe3O4 material due to have stable and good biocompatibility, high strength, and the toxic side effects properties etc., widely used in biomedical fields, such as magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic separation, targeted drug carrier, hyperthermia technology, cell labeling and separation, as well as significant enhancements ,contrast agents, the contrast agent studies, retinal detachment repair surgery.

2.catalyst support

Fe3O4 particles in many industrial reaction is used as a catalyst, such as the preparation of NH3 (Haber ammonia method), high-temperature water gas shift reaction and response to sulfur gas, etc.

3.Microwave absorbing materials

Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles powder due to its high permeability, can be used as a ferrite absorbing materials for the microwave absorption application.

Other Applications:

1.Since the nanometer ferroferric oxide is magnetic, this property can be utilized to make a magnetic liquid.Since the nanometer ferroferric oxide is magnetic, this property can be utilized to make a magnetic liquid.

2. Nano-ferric oxide can also be applied to the catalyst.

3 .Also, since it has magnetic properties, it can be used as a magnetic recording material.

4. It has been found through research that nano-ferric oxide has a strong ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. In the military field, the use of nano-Fe3O4 as a coating can effectively increase the stealth performance of missiles and aircraft.

  • Magnetic functional nano-material, Spherical Iron Oxide black, 100-200nm

      As a newly developing functional material, magnetic nano material always displays some different special purposes comparing with the common magnetic materials relying on its unique physical and chemical properties. Nano-sized Iron oxide powder is one of the multi-functional magnetic materials, which has extensive application in such aspects as magnetic recording material, ferrofluid, catalysis, medicine and pigment etc.

 In recent years, using titanium dioxide as photocatalyst has the advantages of high oxidation activity, good stability, and non-toxic to human health. It is a very effective method for treating organic and inorganic pollutants in industrial wastewater. Among them, the titanium dioxide is a suspension in the form of fixed in the plexiglass and other materials for catalysis. The fixed photocatalytic efficiency is obviously lower than that of the suspension system, especially for large-scale wastewater treatment, the suspension system is more effective. However, this suspension system is extremely difficult to recycle. The magnetic composite photocatalyst prepared by encapsulating nano Iron oxide powder with titanium dioxide can be effectively recycled by the function of magnetic field after the treatment of waste water, and then the recycled catalyst can be recyclable.

Another important application of nano Iron oxide black powder is for magnetic recording materials. Because of its small size, the nano structured Fe3O4 has a very high coercive force that can be used as a magnetic recording material, which can not only greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio and the image quality but also achieve high density of information recording.

Beside, based on its small particle size, nanoparticles have the optical property that conventional bulk materials don’t have, such as nonlinear optical property, and the loss in the process of light absorption and the light reflection etc.. depending on the the size of nanoparticles.

Other application of magnetic nanofluid:

1. Biological medicine. Especially in drug carrier of cancer treatment.

2. Magnetic liquid/fluid. Magnetic fluid has been widely used in mineral processing technology, precision grinding, magnetic liquid damping device, magnetic fluid seals, magnetic bearings and magnetic liquid printing, magnetic fluid lubrication, magnetic liquid fuels, magnetic liquid dyes, magnetic speed sensor and acceleration sensor, magnetic liquid transducer, magnetic gyroscope, low frequency underwater acoustic generator, and shift register.

3. Magnetic record material. Fe3o4 iron 3 oxide nanoparticles is produced into particle size 80-100nm,and have very high coercivity, arrive best record effect.

4. Iron oxide (Fe3O4) is an important spinel ferrite, is one of the most widely used soft magnetic material, used as the recording material, a pigment, magnetic fluid materials, catalysts, magnetic polymer microspheres Ball and electronic materials, which in the field of biotechnology and medicine also has a good prospect.

5. Another important use of Fe3O4 is used for magnetic recording materials. Fe3O4 nanoparticles because of its small size, the magnetic structure consists of a multidomain to single domain, with a very high coercivity magnetic material used to make can greatly improve the signal to noise ratio, improved image quality, and the recorded information can reach high density.

6. Nano / Fe3O4 as catalyst, photocatalytic oxidation paper industry wastewater. The results showed that the catalyst can effectively and quickly reduce wastewater CODcr, under certain conditions, the removal rate of 94%. Further, the presence of a catalyst having certain Fe3O4 magnetic, magnetic separation can be used to separate the catalyst from the system.

7. Fe3O4 magnetic nano powder due to its high permeability, can be used as a ferrite absorbing materials, used in the microwave absorption of.

8. Since biocompatibility Fe3O4 and better, and the toxic side effects, can be used in biomedical fields, such as cell labeling and separation, Fe3O4 as an enhanced developer, contrast agent research, targeted research of drugs, retinal detachment The repair surgery, the tumor magnetic embolization hyperthermia cancer treatment.

9. Nano fe3o4 powder, magnetic, external magnetic field can be directed to move, and magnetic powder in the external alternating electromagnetic field can produce heat stable chemical properties, which uses a wide range.

10. Uses nano fe3o4 powder is quite extensive. In the biomedical field, magnetic nano-materials are widely used as carriers of various anticancer drugs to form magnetically targeted drug delivery systems.

11. Magnetic microspheres magnetic nano material can be widely used in magnetic separation of immune cells, magnetic resonance angiography imaging and so on.

12. Surface modified nano fe3o4 powder, made from magnetic liquid dispersion medium.

13. Using the deep black color and magnetic of fe3o4 nanoparticles can be made magnetic materials, high gradient magnetic separator, microwave absorbing materials, special coatings and xerographic developer.

14. The nano-magnetic material can be widely used in various types of chemical fiber, plastics, rubber and other products, health care products, health products, excellent add material.

15. Ferroferric Oxide Nano powders is a commonly used Magnetic material. used as the raw materials of  recording tape and telecommunication apparatus .

16. Making the primers and paint, construction industry rust preventive.

17. Is the main raw material to production of iron catalyst.

18. With great hardness, use as the  abrasive. It has been widely used in automotive braking areas, such as: brake pads, brake shoes and so on.

19. Ferroferric Oxide Nanopowders because of the characteristics of strong magnetic, have good performance in terms of sewage treatment.

20. Ferroferric Oxide Nanopowders use as the dyestuff and polishes.

21. For manufacturing the special electrodes and the welding electrode, welding wire production.



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