High Quality Nano Alumina Particles For Lithium Battery

Product Code : RN-HW-N611,

Particle Sizes : 80nm-100nm,

Purity : 99.99%,

Particle Shape : alpha, near spherical

Product Code : RN-HW-N612

Particle Size : 20-30nm,

Purity : 99.99%, gama, near spherical

The lithium battery nano-alumina, small and uniform particle size, high purity, excellent in surface properties, are widely used in various lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, solar cells and other cells and improve the storage performance of the battery, the safety performance played for energy saving.

  • Nano-alumina particles application features

1. The nano-alumina used as a lithium electrode coating, can effectively play the role of heat insulation, improving Safety performance.

2. Doped the aluminum into the lithium cobalt oxide, may form a solid solution, the lattice stability, improve rate characteristics and cycle characteristics.

3. Al2O3 coated lithium cobalt oxide can improve thermal stability and resistance to improve cycling performance Overcharge ability to inhibit the generation of oxygen and the decomposition of LiPF6, to avoid direct contact with the electrolyte LiCo02 Touch, reducing the electrochemical specific capacity loss, thereby improving LiCoO2 electrochemical specific capacity.

4. Nano-alumina doped with aluminum ions, can improve the battery voltage, thereby improving the battery Security.

5. Apply to the modified nano-alumina spinel lithium manganese oxide material into produce reversible capacity of battery 107mAh / g,55C200 cycles, the capacity retention rate of more than 90%, better than similar products in water ping, is the first material that can be used with a high-power lithium-ion battery.


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