Isostatic graphite

Isostatic graphite (formed by isostatically pressed, used for EDM, making component of mono crystal furnace, crystallizer of continuous casting).

Isostatic graphite is a very fine graphite powder used for applications where the mechanical properties of other powdered graphite’s are not sufficient.

The term “Isostatic Graphite” stands for isostatically molded graphite, which means that the raw material mixture is compressed into rectangular or round blocks in a so called Cold-Isostatic-Press (CIP). Compared to other technologies such as extrusion or vibration molding, this technology can produce the most isotropic form of artificial graphite. Isostatic graphite generally tends to have the smallest grain sizes of all artificial graphite’s.

Isostatic graphite represents a major percentage share of graphite market and has applications in over 30 different industries, from continuous casting, EDM,  applications in semiconductor, solar , nuclear,  metallurgical and many others.

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