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Latex Beads Size 5 (ca. 5 micron) -PMMA- Size 5- Blank


PMMA spherical monodisperse latex microparticles.

Size range:5
Diameter:5,331 µm
CV< 5%
Surface modification:not modified
Fluorescence:not labeled
Concentration:5 wt.%


Provided in a glass flask with a screw-cap w. rubber/PTFE septum.

Available in : 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml


Product Overview

Introducing Hiyka's PMMA Latex Beads Size 5, approximately 5 microns in diameter, designed to provide a versatile and high-performance solution for researchers and professionals across a broad range of industries. These premium blank latex beads for research offer the ideal balance of size and functionality, making them perfect for a wide array of applications from biomedical research to material science. With their exceptional quality and uniformity, our PMMA beads are ready to be customized to meet the specific needs of your projects.

Key factor

  • Uniform Size Distribution: With a precise average diameter of approximately 5 microns, these beads offer exceptional uniformity, ensuring consistent performance in your applications.
  • High-Quality PMMA Material: Known for its durability and chemical resistance, PMMA provides a stable base for these beads, suitable for a variety of experimental and industrial environments.
  • Ready for Functionalization: The blank surface of these beads is primed for functionalization with biomolecules, dyes, or other chemical agents, offering limitless possibilities for customization.
  • Optimal Visibility: Their size ensures that these beads are easily detectable under standard laboratory microscopes, simplifying tracking and analysis in complex studies.


  • Biomedical Research: Utilize in cell tracking, immunoassays, or as carriers in targeted drug delivery systems, tailored to specific research goals.
  • Diagnostics Development: Functionalize with specific markers for use in advanced diagnostic assays, enhancing sensitivity and specificity.
  • Material Science Exploration: Incorporate into novel composites or coatings to study particle interactions and material properties.
  • Quality Control & Calibration: Employ as precise standards for particle sizing and instrument calibration across various scientific and industrial fields.



  • Reproducible Results: The uniform size distribution of PMMA beads ensures consistent behavior in applications, crucial for achieving reproducible results in experiments and manufacturing processes.
  • Tailored Functionalization: The blank surface of these beads can be easily modified to attach specific biomolecules, dyes, or chemical groups. This adaptability allows for targeted applications in drug delivery, diagnostics, biomolecular binding studies, and beyond.
  • Durability in Various Environments: PMMA offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and maintains its integrity under physical stress, making these beads suitable for challenging experimental and industrial conditions.
  • Clear Visualization: With an approximate size of 5 microns, these beads are easily visualized under standard laboratory microscopes, facilitating their use in tracking, imaging, and analytical studies.

Hiyka is committed to advancing scientific discovery and technological innovation with our state-of-the-art PMMA Latex Beads Size 5 (ca. 5 micron). Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, our beads are designed to support the most demanding applications, providing you with the reliability and performance you need to push the boundaries of your field. Whether you need 5 micron latex beads for biological research, latex beads for microscopy, or uniform size latex beads 5 micron for any specialized project, Hiyka delivers excellence every time.

65 / 100


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