Water-Soluble Liquid Phase Produced Nano Silica Powder For Concret

Product Code : RN-HW-SiO2-L

Specifications :20-30nm

purity: 99.8%

Property: oleophylic

Small size; big specific surface area.

Easily dispersed in mediums

Good suspension property and thixotropic.

Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxide       CAS No.: 14808-60-7

Synonyms: Nanometer silica                  Formula: SiO2

Chemical structure:   O==SI==O              Mol. Wt.: 60.08


1. Rubber: improve intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on.

2. Plastic: improve the intensity, tenacity and anti-aging capabilities of plastic.

3. Epoxy resin: improve rigidity, intensity, tenacity, high temperature resistance and anti-aging capabilities

4. Coating: greatly improve suspension property, thixotropic, weatherability, anti-washing and anti-infra-red.

5. Gooey and sealant: improve the ropy of gooey and the sealed ability of sealant.

6. Other industries: used in electronic encapsulation, polymer of macromolecule, paint, adhesive, functional fiber, cosmetics and many more applications.

  • Water soluble silica Application

Nano silica powder can be used to improve the performance of cement or concrete, formulated with ultra-high, high high wear resistance, erosion, corrosion, anti-infiltration, antifreeze, the early strength of special concrete or composite cement, to accommodate the oil well cementing, ocean oil drilling platform specific requirements, port terminals, railway bridges highways, airport runways, tunnels and urban high-rise buildings and other projects;

For the rubber to improve the rubber elongation, tear resistance and tensile strength; for refractory and ceramic products, improve product strength and durability.

1. Nano silica powder used in water conservancy and hydropower projects can improve the ability of anti-erosion projects, the use of micro-silica fume concrete, about double impact to abrasion, anti48m/ s velocity level of anti-erosion capacity increased more than 3 times .

2. Nano silica powder used in hydraulic engineering, performance engineering can improve the crack.

3. Nano silica powder can improve the anti-permeability and salt corrosion performance, protect the steel. Underwater engineering due to chloride ions into the concrete, causing rapid corrosion of steel, concrete delamination, life is short, severely damaging. Underwater concrete pouring commonly used catheter, due grout loss, it is not well with the primary bonding, and reduce the intensity of the contact portion of the water. After the incorporation of silica fume concrete under water, these problems could have significantly improved.

4. The nano silica powder used in highway pavement repair traffic, with strong wear characteristics with ordinary concrete pouring road, need 28 days to normal traffic, general early strength concrete have three days before the opening of the concrete road pavement damage It is inevitable. By conventional methods to repair, often causing traffic disruption, leading to serious economic losses. The use of micro-silica fume concrete with early strength and wear characteristics, the actual use of the results are quite satisfactory. Airport runways requires more than 80MPa concrete and wear resistance, silica fume can play a very good effect.

Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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