Liquid Phase Silica Nanopowder for Composites Materials

Product Code :RN-HW-M604

Particle Size : 20-30nm

99.8% purity


Liquid phase silica used in resin composites materials:

1. Improve the strength and elongation. The epoxy resin is a basic resin material, adding fumed silica to the epoxy resin, the structure is completely different from the coarse-grained silicon dioxide (white carbon) to add an epoxy resin-based composites, the coarse grain SiO2 generally as a reinforcing agent to join, it is mainly distributed in the chain between the polymer material, and fumed silica surface due to a serious lack of coordination, a large specific surface area and surface characteristics due to oxygen, so that it exhibits a strong reactive oxygen species, it is easy from a cyclic molecule and an epoxy bonding interaction, increases the binding force between molecules, and there is still a part of the distribution of the fumed silica particles in the interstices of the polymer chain, and the coarse-grained particles with SiO2 comparison of high performance flow ripple, thereby making epoxy material fumed silica added strength, toughness, ductility are greatly improved.

2. Improve abrasion resistance and improve the surface finish of the material. Fumed silica particles is smaller than 100-1000 times as SiO2, which was added to the epoxy resin, the wire pull into favor. Due to the high mobility and small size effect of fumed silica, the material surface is denser fine clean, the friction coefficient decreases, coupled with high intensity nanoparticles, the wear resistance of materials greatly enhanced.

3. Anti-aging properties. Epoxy composites course a fatal weakness is the difference between anti-aging properties, mainly due to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation 280-400nm band, the long-wave effect, undermine its role in the resin matrix composites are very serious , resulting in degradation of the polymer chain polymer matrix composites rapidly aging. Fumed silica can be strongly reflected ultraviolet radiation; the epoxy resin is added to the degradation effects of ultraviolet radiation can be greatly reduced for the epoxy resin, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying the aging of the material.

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