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  • Nano Silica Powder , 30nm, 99.5%, for textiles

Nano Silica Powder , 30nm, 99.5%, for textiles

  • RN-HF-SP30F
  • Appearance : white powder
  • Particle size (nm) : 30±5
  • Content % : 99.5
  • Specific surface area (m2/g) : 150-300
  • PH value : 5-7
  • Characteristics & Applications : For textile, Good dispersion and high activity. Suitable for sizing, and has the effect of strengthening and increasing grinding and reducing hairiness

Product Overview

Discover Nano Silica Powder for Textiles, the ultimate solution for enhancing textile performance. Engineered with a particle size of 30nm and boasting an exceptional purity of 99.5%, this nano silica powder is ideal for manufacturers seeking to innovate and enhance the quality of their textile products. With advanced capabilities in UV protection, durability enhancement, and microbial resistance, our nano silica powder is a pivotal component for next-generation textile applications.

Key factor

  • Optimized Particle Size for Textile Integration: At 30nm, our nano silica provides a high surface area for effective application, making it highly sought after by those looking to purchase nano silica powder for advanced textile applications.
  • Exceptional Purity for Premium Quality: With a purity of 99.5%, our nano silica ensures high performance and consistency across all textile applications, a critical factor for those seeking high-purity nano silica powder.
  • Versatile Application Potential: Our nano silica is suitable for a broad range of textiles, easily integrated into any fabric treatment or manufacturing process, proving essential for advanced materials development in textiles.
  • Tailored Solutions Available: Customize our nano silica to your specific needs with formulations that enhance its effectiveness, a significant advantage for those involved in nanoparticle fabrication.


  • Enhanced Fabric Coatings: Utilize our nano silica for fabric coatings that dramatically increase durability, water repellency, and stain resistance, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to buy nano silica powder.
  • Revolutionary Fiber Treatments: Fortify fibers with our nano silica, enhancing their mechanical strength and resistance to environmental factors, a key benefit for textiles that require rigorous performance standards.
  • Innovative Antimicrobial Fabrics: Create textiles with our nano silica that are resistant to microbial growth and reduce odors, ideal for athletic and medical apparel, showcasing the versatility of our nanostructured silica.
  • Superior Protective Wear: Develop protective wear using our nano silica, ensuring safety and comfort in challenging environments, leveraging the custom synthesis capabilities of our nano silica powder.


  • Superior UV Protection: Our nano silica provides exceptional UV blocking, crucial for protecting textiles from fading and degradation due to sunlight exposure.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: Nano silica significantly improves tensile strength and wear resistance, extending the lifespan of textiles.
  • Improved Thermal Stability: Textiles treated with nano silica exhibit better resistance to heat, making them suitable for use in high-temperature applications.
  • Eco-Friendly: Nano silica offers a sustainable option for enhancing textile properties without heavy chemical additives.


Integrate our high-quality Nano Silica Powder, available for direct purchase, into your textile production to achieve superior fabric functionality. As a leading supplier of nano silica powder, Hiyka ensures each batch meets rigorous standards, providing a product perfect for wholesale purchase and large-scale textile enhancements. This nanostructured material is engineered for maximum performance, making it an ideal advanced material for the textile industry.

Elevate your textiles to the forefront of industry standards with Hiyka's Nano Silica Powder. Contact us today to learn how our advanced nano silica can transform your textile products. Start innovating now—purchase our Nano Silica Powder and lead the market in high-performance textiles!

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