Nano silicon dioxide powder for epoxy resin (Nano SiO2)

Nano silicon dioxide powder (nano SiO2) has strong electronic and electrical properties, which can greatly improve the properties of materials. The special epoxy resin nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SP30S) contains special epoxy-affinity coupling agent that has better dispersibility, can greatly improve the tensile strength, impact strength, elongation at break, thermal stability and other properties of epoxy resin, and maintain transparency.

Technical indicators:

AppearanceWhite powder
Particle sizenm30±5
Specific surface aream2/g150-250
Nano silica content %≥99.5
PH value5-7
1. Heat resistance: nano SiO2 particles have a large specific surface area, strong adhesion with epoxy matrix, absorb a lot of impact energy, and increase the rigidity of the matrix, so nano SiO2 particles in a certain range of strengthening and toughening of epoxy resin, but also improve the heat resistance of the material.
2. Reinforcement and toughening effect: The impact strength, tensile strength and elongation at break of epoxy resin composites have been greatly improved due to the addition of nano SiO2 particles, which indicates that nano SiO2 particles play an important role in strengthening and toughening. The material property has been greatly improved.
Usage method:
In the stirring state, the drying dehydrated nano SiO2 was added to the solvent containing coupling agent, and then treated for several decades by milling, high-speed shearing, ball milling, sand grinding, ultrasonic wave, etc. In the stirring state, the above solution and epoxy resin are mixed evenly, the solvent is removed, and the temperature is raised to 130 0C, so that the coupling agent reacts with the epoxy resin for 1 h. After cooling, the curing agent is added, and the mixture is evenly mixed. After evacuation and degassing, the solution is poured into the steel mold coated with the degassing agent and preheated. After curing, the temperature is programmed and the curing agent is completely cooled. Remove film.
Added amount:
Suggested dosage, epoxy resin and nano SiO2 quality ratio of 100:5, customers can also choose the appropriate proportion according to their actual situation.
Dispersion of nano SiO2 powder:
Because of the small size, high surface activity and easy agglomeration of nanoparticles, nanoparticles should be fully dispersed in the preparation of nanoparticles filled composites.
Because of the high surface energy, strong adsorption, easy aggregation, difficult to uniformly and stably disperse, we use milling, high-speed shearing, ball milling, grinding, ultrasonic treatment and coupling agent to promote the uniform dispersion of nano-silica in epoxy resin.
According to the monolayer theory of coupling agent, the particle size decreases, the amount of coupling agent increases, and the mass ratio of silane coupling agent to nano-silica is 5/100.
Packing: 10 kg / bag.
Storage: Nano SiO2 powder should be stored in a dry, sealed environment, not exposed to volatile substances.


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