Nano TiO2 powder for automobile exhaust treatment

CAS#: 13463-67-7
The appearance of nano-titanium dioxide is white and loose powder. The main ingredient is nano TiO2 powder prepared by special process. It has uniform particle size, large specific surface area and strong photocatalytic effect. It has strong redox ability under the action of visible or ultraviolet light. It has stable chemical performance and can hydrogenate formaldehyde, toluene, VOC and hydrocarbon. Harmful organic compounds, odors, bacteria, microorganisms and other harmful substances are thoroughly decomposed into harmless CO2 and H2O, and have hydrophilic, self-cleaning properties, long-term performance, no secondary pollution.
Technical indicators:

AppearanceWhite powder
PH value6-8
Average particle size, nm30
TiO2 content,% >99.5
Specific surface area, m2/g160
Surface treatment area
Application characteristics:
1. Application of nano titanium dioxide in concrete: adding titanium dioxide powder to cement, mixing it into concrete or mortar material, or spraying the slurry containing titanium dioxide powder on the surface of concrete exterior wall, harmful gases in the air are adsorbed on the surface of the concrete, and then make it through ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation in sunlight Remove, achieve the function of purifying air.
2. Application of nano TiO2 in building materials: Mix nano-titanium dioxide powder below 50% at a depth of 7-8 mm on the surface of porous concrete block with water permeability. This block has a good function of removing NOx and other harmful gases. It can be used for roadside materials or building wall materials in highway construction to remove automobile combustion. The NOx emitted from the equipment improves air quality.
3. Application of nano TiO2 in glass: A self-cleaning glass is made by coating a layer of nano-titanium dioxide film on the surface of glass. The treated glass surface has super hydrophilic properties. This feature allows water to spread out on the glass surface completely and evenly, while completely soaking the glass and pollutants, and eventually carrying the pollutants adhering to the glass through the gravity of water. To achieve self cleaning effect and keep the glass clean for a long time.
Nano TiO2 can also be attached to automotive engines, exhaust pipes, converter markers and other surfaces, directly decompose the automotive CO, nitrogen oxides and other components. Reduce vehicle emission pollution.


Pack Sizes Available :  100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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