Pure anatase nano TiO2 powder

Anatase nano titanium dioxide powder (Nano TiO2) has a large specific surface area, and has been widely used in photocatalysis, solar cells, environmental purification, catalyst carrier, lithium batteries and gas sensors.
Nano TiO2 has good fast charge discharge performance and high capacity. Cyclic voltammetry studies show that there are two kinds of dynamic processes in nano-titanium dioxide, i.e. diffusion-controlled lithium ion intercalation-detachment and pseudo-capacitance, which can release the stress during lithium intercalation and detachment and improve the cycle life. This is also a special structure of nano-titanium dioxide. Dependent. Nanometer titanium dioxide has a wide range of applications because of its good chemical stability and thermal stability.
Nanometer titanium dioxide is an excellent lithium intercalation carrier. The lithium intercalation potential is between 1.5 V and 1.6 V, forming Li0.91 titanium dioxide-B with excellent reversible cycle capacity. Interestingly, its specific capacity is superior to that of nanoparticles with the same phase diameter similar to that of nanowires.
Technical indicators:

Product CodeRN-HF-TA18
AppearanceWhite powder
PH value6-8
Loss on dry,%(105 ℃,2hr)≤0.5
Average primary particle size,nm18
TiO2 content,%≥99.8
Specific surface area,   m2/g100-220
Application characteristics:
(1) transparent products can be made.
(2) the dye sensitizer can be saturated at very low light energy.
(3) the efficiency of light utilization is high and it is not sensitive to the incident angle of light.
(4) insensitive to light shadow.
(5) it can work normally in a wide temperature range.
(6) high conversion efficiency.
The advantage of nano titanium dioxide battery is its low cost, simple process and stable performance. Its photoelectric efficiency is stable at more than 10%, and the cost of fabrication is only 1/5 to 1/10 of that of silicon solar cells.

Pack Sizes Available :  100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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