Nano TiO2 powder for textile

Nano TiO2 powder (RN-HF-T25F) is used in textile sizing. Through the perfect combination with starch, the comprehensive weaving performance of the yarn is improved, the dosage of PVA is reduced, the sizing time is shortened, the sizing cost is reduced, the sizing efficiency is improved, and the problems of PVA sizing such as difficult desizing and environmental pollution are solved. Nano-sized titanium dioxide (RN-HF-T25F) is mainly used to replace PVA in yarn, playing the role of pasting hairiness, filling the gap, reducing warp breakage, lubrication.

Technical details:

Product CodeRN-HF-T25F
AppearanceWhite powder
Surface propertieshydrophilicity
PH value6-8
Average primary particle size,nm20-30
Specific surface area,m2/g100-200
Content before treatment,% >99.9
Surface treatment agent1% Nanomaterials for textile processing
Loss on dry, (105℃,2h)  %≤0.5
Loss on ignition,(%)≤1.0
Product application:
Nano titanium dioxide (RN-HF-T25F) used in textile sizing process:
1, the slurry viscosity should be maintained.
2, sizing machine parameters remain stable.
3, first dispersing nano titanium dioxide (RN-HF-T25F) into 20% liquid (A).
4, the amount of nano titanium dioxide powder: 0.5-2% according to the weight of starch.
(the weight of starch = starch volume + starch content instead of PVA).
5. Cotton starch is replaced by equivalent starch instead of PVA.
6, when the slurry is adjusted, add proper amount of water to the pulp mixing drum, then shake the liquid (A) sizing agent.
7, add the prescribed amount of starch, stirring at medium speed for ten minutes and then invest in other raw materials.
8, heating and boiling, press for 30 minutes at atmospheric pressure or press for 20 minutes under high pressure.
Remarks: 32 yarns per barrel of liquid (A) 2 kg.
40 yarn per barrel with liquid (A) 3 kg.
The 60 yarn is kept 5 kg PVA, the other PVA is replaced by equivalent starch, and the liquid is (A) 3.5 kg. If there is a liquid polyacrylate size in the size formula, the nano-additive should be added after the size is heated to 50 C.
Addition:  900 kg slurry + 2-8 kg liquid A

Pack Sizes Available :  1 kg ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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