Nano Silicon dioxide powder for textile (Nano SiO2)

As sizing additive, nano silicon dioxide powder (nano SiO2)  can enhance the adhesion of sizing fluid to fiber, and improve the sizing performance of cotton yarn and polyester-cotton yarn effectively; the hydroxyl content in the yarn directly affects the improvement degree of nano SiO2 powder to sizing performance, and nano SiO2 powder can improve the surface properties and mechanical properties of cotton sizing yarn. It can improve the effect better. This product has been prepared by special process, nano SiO2 powder has high activity, so the binding ability with hydroxyl groups on the surface of yarn has been greatly improved, which is more conducive to sizing.
Technical indicators:    

AppearanceWhite powder
Average particle sizenm30
Specific surface aream2/g150-250
Hydroxyl content  %≥ 90
surface treatmentIncreasing surface active treatment
Nano silica content %≥ 99.5
PH value5-7
loss on ignition(%)950℃x2h≤6.0


1. It is advantageous to enhance the adhesiveness of the sizing liquid to the fiber. There is a strong or weak hydrogen bond between the active hydroxyl groups on the surface of the sizing liquid and the hydroxyl groups on the starch and cotton fibers, which can effectively improve the sizing properties of cotton and polyester-cotton yarns.
2, Nano SiO2 powder is more conducive to sizing cellulose fibers.
3. It has the effect of strengthening and increasing grinding and reducing hairiness.
4. Sizing film of nano SiO2 powder size mixture has better wear resistance than that of pure starch size mixture.
Packing: 10 kg / bag.

Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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