Nano silicon dioxide powder for concrete (Nano SiO2)

The strength of traditional cement based materials is low, adding a certain amount of nano SiO2 powder instead of a part of ordinary concrete miscible aggregate, thereby improving the performance of concrete. After special nano treatment, the surface of nano silicon dioxide powder can be enhanced, and it is easy to form bonds with hydration products in cement paste to produce CSH gel. Moreover, nano SiO2 has a special network structure, which can establish a new network on the basis of the original network structure of cement paste, thus forming three dimensional. The network structure can greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties and durability of cement paste. Therefore, nano silica can be applied to high strength cement based pavement materials.
Technical Details:
AppearanceWhite powder
Average particle size (nm)30
Specific surface aream2/g200±10
Surface treatmentNano treatment agent
Nano silica content %≥ 99.5
Apparent density(g/L)40-60
PH value5-7
Loss on ignition (%)950℃x2h≤6.0
1. Adding nano SiO2 powder into cement mortar can improve the compressive and flexural strength of cement mortar at different ages.
2, it can reduce the slump and expansion of concrete.
3. It can increase the autogenous shrinkage strain of concrete and improve the resistance to Cl- penetration and frost resistance of concrete.
4. It can obviously improve the transition interface structure of aggregate and paste in concrete.
5. It is recommended to use nano silica material in liquid superplasticizer and stir with other materials.
Addition: 2-5% is recommended. Users can choose the best additive value according to their actual situation.
Packing: 10 kg / bag.

Pack Sizes Available : 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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