Nano silicon dioxide powder for rubber (Nano SiO2)

The mechanical strength of pure rubber is very low. The tensile strength of vulcanizate can be increased from 0.35 MPa to 14 MPa when the filler is mixed with nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SR01). The reinforcing rate is 40 times higher than that of other rubber (1.4-10 times). It can be seen that the use of nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SR01) filler on silicone rubber. Final performance plays a decisive role.
Nano silicon dioxide powder is the best filler for reinforcing high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Nano SiO2 aggregate has a good reinforcing effect on silicone rubber. When nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SR01) powder is added into the rubber, a microcrystalline zone with SiO2 as the nucleus is formed, which increases the physical crosslinking point and is easy to crystallize. The strength of rubber can be increased by 40 times.
Technical indicators:

AppearanceWhite Powder
Average particle size (nm)5-40
Specific surface area m2/g200±50
Nano silica content %≥99.8
PH value3.5-4.5
Loss on ignition (%)950℃x2h≤1.0
Characters in application: 
As a reinforcing agent and anti-aging agent, nano silicon dioxide powder (RN-HF-SR01) can be used in rubber products to improve the strength, toughness, anti-aging, anti-friction and ignition, and prolong the life of rubber products.
Nano SiO2 is a very effective reinforcing filler for RTV silicone rubber, which can significantly improve its strength. On the one hand, it is due to the small size effect and large specific surface area of nano particles; on the other hand, it contains a lot of light silicon radicals on the surface of nano particles, which can form a network structure through the interaction of hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces. At the same time, silica particles also interact strongly with polysiloxane molecules, improving the boundaries. Face condition. The reinforcing effect of nano SiO2 powder on silicone rubber is affected by its particle size, specific surface area and structure. Generally, the smaller the particle size, the larger the specific surface area, the higher the structure, the better the reinforcing effect, the higher the strength and hardness of vulcanizate.
Added amount:
Silicone rubber: 3.0-30%; polysulfide rubber: 0.1-5%;
Polyurethane: 3.0-25%; acrylic ester: 0.5-3.5%
Usage method:
The raw rubber, hydroxyl silicone oil and nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SR01) were blended evenly on a twin-roller rubber-making machine according to the formula proportion. The rubber was thin through the sheet. After heat treatment at 170 0C for 2 h, the vulcanizing agent was added and the sheet was thin through the sheet. The next day the vulcanizing machine was molded. The curing condition is 175 T90. T90 LH-90 is used to determine the cure time of vulcanizates.
When nanometer silicon dioxide (RN-HF-SR01) is added to rubber, the degree of dispersion in the polymer must be paid attention to. The dispersion degree of nano silicon dioxide powder in the system has a great influence on the properties of rubber. In the transparent rubber system, the higher the transparency, the better the dispersion degree of nano silica.
Packing: 10 kg / bag.
Storage: Nano SiO2 should be stored in a dry, sealed environment, not exposed to volatile substances.

Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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