Silicon Dioxide Nanopowder For Coating

Particle size: 10-20nm  Product Code : (RN-HW-M603),

Particle size: 20-30nm Product Code :  (RN-HW-M606)

Purity: 99.8%

Appearance: white powder

Morphology: Amorphous

Hydrophobic nano Silica/Silicon Dioxide/SiO2 used for coating/dope/painting with high performance

Added to coating, it can improve the scrub resistance, the strength and hardness of the coating.

Cans effect is significantly improved. The property of coating non-hierarchical, anti-sagging, good workability and stain resistance is greatly improved, and with excellent self-cleaning and adhesion properties. It also shows significant antibacterial effect.

(1) Abrasion: abrasion resistance increases by a few thousand up to ten thousand times.

(2) Weatherability: Weatherability can be improved about three times.

(3) Stain-resistant and self-cleaning: the use of nano-porous structure of silicon dioxide, in the nanometer scale geometry complementary (such as concave and convex white) interface structure is formed by means of a certain process in the coating surface, so that the adsorption air to form a stable gas barrier layer of film on the surface; the second is surface-treated nano-silica particles to the surface exhibits the parent or dual-thinning, thus effectively improve rainwater run on the surface of the coating architectural coatings dust and wet adhesion, improved film stain resistance and self-cleaning ability.

(4) Antimicrobial resistance: in coatings, showed significant antimicrobial effect.

(5) Hydrophobic corrosion resistance: not only has excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, and has high denseness and anti from Sub-permeability.

(6) Transparency: nano-modified coatings ensure transparency, the wear resistance than the original 10 times.

(7) Hardness: UV-curable coatings to improve film hardness, up more than 2.5 times.

(8) Thermal stability: in UV-curable coatings, the coating can improve the glass transition temperature.

(9) Viscosity: can significantly increase the viscosity of the coating.

Nano-silica for ceramics:
(1) Nano-silica is used in special high-temperature resistant ceramic materials. As an energy-saving mineral raw material, it also has an ideal effect for reducing the firing temperature and improving the yield.
(2) Nano-silica can improve the toughness and smoothness of ceramic products;
(3) Nano-silica improves the compactness of the substrate.

Silicon nanopowder work as sandwich diaphragm:

Compared to the traditional sandwich diaphragm, the separator used nano silica powder is characterized by:
(1) Nano silica working as an intermediate interlayer to prevent side reactions from occurring;
(2) Accumulation of nano silica particles to provide sufficient space for lithium ion and electrolyte permeation;
(3) As an insulating material, silicon dioxide nanopowder reacts only when lithium metal penetrates the separator to prevent further dendrite growth.

Pack Sizes Available :  100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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