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  • Titanium dioxide, 85-90%, rutile, 150-300nm

Titanium dioxide, 85-90%, rutile, 150-300nm

  • RN-HF-T02H
  • Appearance : White powder
  • TiO2 content, % : 85-90
  • Surface treatment agent : SiO2, Al2O3
  • Crystal : rutile
  • Average particle size (nm) : 150-300
  • pH value : 6-9
  • Surface properties : hydrophilic
  • Whiteness, % : 99
  • As, ppm : ≤ 0.5
  • Pb, ppm : ≤ 1.0
  • Application system : Water-based cosmetics
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Product Overview

Our Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles in the anatase form, with a particle size of 5nm and purity levels between 85-90%, are specifically engineered for high reactivity and surface area applications. This nanoscale TiO2 is particularly effective in photocatalytic applications due to its high surface energy and increased photocatalytic efficiency. The anatase phase is known for its superior photocatalytic properties, making it ideal for environmental purification applications, solar energy conversion, and as a UV-blocking additive in products like sunscreens and plastics.

Key factor

  • Particle Size: Ultrafine particles at 5nm, maximizing photocatalytic activity and UV protection.
  • Purity: 85-90%, ensuring high quality and consistency for specialized applications.
  • Phase: Anatase, known for its optimal properties in photocatalysis and UV absorption.
  • Form: Supplied as a fine powder, facilitating easy dispersion in various mediums and composites.


  • Photocatalysis: Utilized for environmental cleanup processes, including water and air purification systems where it helps to decompose organic pollutants under UV light.
  • Energy Conversion: Plays a crucial role in dye-sensitized solar cells and other photovoltaic devices due to its ability to facilitate electron transport.
  • UV Protection: Added to sunscreens, paints, and coatings for effective UV protection without altering the visible transparency.
  • Self-cleaning Surfaces: Applied in coatings on windows, tiles, and other surfaces where it helps in breaking down dirt and pollutants when exposed to UV light.


  • Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity: Offers high efficiency in breaking down pollutants due to its increased surface area and reactivity.
  • Strong UV Absorption: Excellent for applications requiring UV protection due to its strong absorption capabilities.
  • High Surface Area: The nano size increases the total surface area, providing more active sites for reactions.
  • Safety and Biocompatibility: Recognized as a safe material for use in consumer products, including cosmetics and food packaging.


With robust manufacturing and distribution capabilities, Hiyka ensures a steady supply of high-quality titanium dioxide, maintaining efficient delivery schedules to support your operational needs.
Opting for Hiyka’s Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles, 85-90% Purity, Anatase, 5nm means choosing a cutting-edge product designed for exceptional performance in photocatalytic applications, UV protection, and energy conversion technologies. Whether you're enhancing environmental purification systems, developing advanced photovoltaic devices, or creating protective coatings, our TiO2 nanoparticles are engineered to exceed expectations and drive innovation in your projects.

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