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Titanium Dioxide for Cosmetics

  • White powder,
  • Content  %- 99,
  • Particle size nm: 25,
  • Specific surface area (m2/g)- 60-90,
  • Crystal / surface characters: rutile
  • Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

Product Overview

Discover the transformative potential of Hiyka's Nano Titanium Dioxide (Nano TiO2), the perfect choice for creating responsive and visually dynamic color change coatings. This advanced nano material is expertly crafted to meet the demands of industries looking to innovate with dynamic paints, responsive automotive coatings, smart packaging solutions, and thermochromic fabrics.

Key factor

  • Responsive Color Dynamics: Our Nano TiO2 enables coatings to adjust their color in response to environmental stimuli such as temperature and light, providing not only aesthetic value but also functional benefits.
  • Advanced Nanotechnology: Engineered at the nano-scale, this titanium dioxide offers a high surface area, enhancing its reactive properties and efficiency in color transformation.
  • UV Protective: Ensures long-lasting durability by protecting coated surfaces from UV degradation, maintaining both function and appearance over time.
  • Versatile Applications: Seamlessly integrates into various substrates, including automotive finishes, textiles, and packaging materials.
  • Sustainable and Safe: Complies with environmental standards, making it a prime choice for eco-friendly applications.


  • Dynamic Paints: Ideal for innovative nano titanium dioxide for dynamic paints, changing color with environmental interaction to create living spaces that adapt and resonate with users.
  • Automotive Coatings: Utilizes advanced Nano TiO2 for responsive automotive coatings that shift color based on temperature, enhancing vehicle aesthetics and utility.
  • Smart Packaging: Incorporates eco-friendly nano titanium dioxide for smart packaging, signaling changes in product exposure or storage conditions through visual modifications.
  • Thermochromic Fabrics: Transforms garments with high-performance Nano TiO2 for thermochromic fabrics, allowing them to change color with body heat or ambient temperatures for fashion and function.


  • Innovative Appeal: Elevates product appeal and market differentiation with cutting-edge visual effects.
  • Enhanced Consumer Safety: Provides critical information through visible changes, enhancing consumer safety in products such as safety gear and food packaging.
  • Increased Durability and Efficiency: Coatings and materials treated with Nano TiO2 are more durable and efficient, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Sustainability: Supports eco-friendly initiatives, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint of the products it enhances.
  • Market Leadership: Empowers brands to lead in their markets by incorporating the latest in nanotechnology into their product lines.


Hiyka is recognized for pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology, especially in the field of responsive and dynamic materials. We ensure that our Nano TiO2 meets rigorous standards for performance and environmental impact. We offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of our customers’ industries. Our team of nanotechnology experts provides comprehensive support, from product development to final application. Trusted worldwide, our products are used by leading brands across various industries to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their offerings.

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