Warrior Microbial Ag Shield ( 1L, 5L, 20L)

Product Name: Warrior TM Microbial Ag+ Shield

Catalogue No.: RN-AW3

Available 3 Variants:
1. RN-AW3-L with Slight Antimicrobial Activity
2. RN-AW3-M with Significant Antimicrobial Activity
3. RN-AW3-H with Strong Antimicrobial Activity

Tests Conducted and Passed:

  • Antiviral Test for non absorbent surfaces as per ISO: 21702
  • Antibacterial Test for non absorbent surfaces as per ISO:22196:2011

Warrior TM Microbial Ag+ Shield Antimicrobial coating is developed by Reinste Nano Ventures which gives long lasting solution for making surfaces free from microbes which provides hydrophobic surfaces (painted, stainless, plastic and natural stone) with reliable silver ion technology protection against a range of microbes.
It forms an thin barrier with a strong chemical bond that is permanent and durable. Once applied to the surface, the nano coating resists damage caused by mechanical (abrasive) and chemical (cleaning) action, as well as general weathering.

Application Area:
The surfaces which are in regular contact with people have to be made free from microbes such as, It is a an antimicrobial coating that is best suited to all metals  and Ceramic but not recommended for use in painted surfaces. Best for both Internal and External Usage.

Suitable for,
Home, Hotels, Offices in decorative pieces of metals and ceramic, reception areas etc.
Transportation facilities: Automobile, Buses, Aviation, Marine and Metro

Key Benefits:

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial action. Kills 99.9% disease causing Microbes
  • Hydrophobic and Non-Stick
  • Scratch protection: surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear
  • Corrosion prevention: ultra-density halts rust at source
  • Resistance to cracking and blistering
  • The perfect finish: Color enhancement and gloss bring outstanding aesthetics to surfaces
  • Easy-to-apply: Perfect finishing is achieved without the need for special training

Technical Information:
Coverage: 150- 200 Sq. feet/ Ltr
Drying time: 15 mins – 1hr
Minimum thickness of coating: 40-60um
Available Packs: 1Ltr ,  5Ltr, 20 L

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