Warrior, Surface Viron


Product Overview

Warrior Surface Viron is an advanced antimicrobial surface treatment designed to provide long-lasting protection against a wide range of pathogens. This cutting-edge product combines innovative antimicrobial technology with ease of application to ensure surfaces remain hygienic and safe.

Key factor

  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Action: Effective against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Provides extended antimicrobial activity, reducing the need for frequent reapplications.
  • Non-Toxic: Safe for use on surfaces in homes, offices, hospitals, and other public spaces.
  • Easy Application: Simple to apply with spray, wipe, or fogging methods.
  • Surface Compatibility: Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and textiles.
  • Invisible Coating: Does not alter the appearance or feel of treated surfaces.


  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and laboratories.
  • Commercial: Office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Residential: Homes, apartments, and condominiums.
  • Public Spaces: Schools, gyms, public transportation, and airports.
  • Industrial: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and food processing facilities.


  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces the risk of pathogen transmission on frequently touched surfaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Long-lasting protection means fewer applications and lower maintenance costs.
  • Versatility: Can be used in diverse environments, from healthcare facilities to commercial spaces.
  • Environmental Protection: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly formulation.
  • User-Friendly: Easy application process with no special equipment required.
  • Peace of Mind: Provides reassurance that surfaces are continuously protected against harmful microbes.


Provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial action to safeguard against various pathogens. Reduces the frequency of reapplications, saving time and resources. Ensures the safety of treated surfaces for human contact. Suitable for a wide range of surfaces and environments with simple application methods. Offers continuous protection, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment.

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