Warrior ZinBAC Antimicrobial Additive ( Water Based )


Product Name : Warrior ZinBac

Product Code : RN-AVZ-ZNOBAC

Packaging : 1L, 5L, 20 L

Properties : Water Based, Antimicrobial, Additive, Easy to use, Cost effective, Long Lasting, Nanotechnology Based

Warrior ZinBAC is one of a kind Antimicrobial additive equipped with the zinc oxide, which stops the growth and  propagation of bacteria & fungi. This Nanotechnology based product can be easily dispersed in any water based solution, providing the solution with antimicrobial functionality. This product is suitable for All paints, coatings, emulsions, etc..

It is an active agent that when included in the processing of a material will inhibit the life or growth of microbes. These microbes can include a variety of organisms such as bacteria, mold, fungi, algae, etc.

The result of using antimicrobial additives can mean the production of intrinsically cleaner, more robust, and longer lasting products by means of:
• Reducing illness and infection causing bacteria
• Resisting the growth of unpleasant mold and mildew
• Minimizing stain and odor causing bacteria
• Inhibiting physical degradation from bacteria and fungi, which feed on plastics and their additives
These additives provide benefits for several environments such as, hygiene critical, high-traffic environments like healthcare facilities, schools and offices, food processing plants as well as for outdoor applications, where constant environmental stresses will dramatically reduce the life of an untreated product.

Application Area:

Non sensitizing, permanent active fungicidal paints, coatings, polymers and plaster.

Antibacterial resins and silicones, varnishes, coatings and materials in hygienic applications in medicine, agriculture, food-processing and -handling, water treatment, air ducts, public areas and in the sanitary sector.

Sealings, sealants and piping that are resistant against microbial settling.

Coatings for packaging paper and polymers.

Medical coatings of implants, bone cement and antiseptic wound covers.

Antimicrobial glass or ceramic equipment.

Antimicrobial treatments in agriculture, food processing and infection control areas.

Suitable for:
All water based paints, coatings, emulsions, varnishes .

Key Benefits:

  • Highly efficient in bacteria and fungi.

  • Very effective at very low concentration levels (0.1-0.3%) depending on the presentation form (2-3% in masterbatches formats)

  • Several presentation forms available to facilitate its application.

  • Certified by independent laboratories (PFI, AIDIMA, ENSATEC, etc.)

  •  As it these solutions do not migrate to the surface, they do not lose activity over the time.

  • Thermally stable until 235 degrees Celsius, so it does not lose its properties along the extrusion process bellow this temperature.

  • Applied in resins they withstand up to 20 washes without losing its properties.
  • non sensitizing and non allergic to humans in skin contact.
  • miscible with water at any ratio. Precipitation or agglomeration will not occur with pure water. Such dispersions show excellent stability.

How to Use: 

The recommended dosage ranges from 0.5% to 5.0% (the proportion can also be adjusted according to the actual situation)


The product image(s) shown is a reference for the actual product. While every effort has been made to maintain complete accuracy and up to date product information, it is important to go through details such as product labels, manufacturing details, batch, warnings, and directions before using a packaged product. For additional information,  please refer to the contact details mentioned on the label. This is not a medical device & for use only as an additive to paint/ coating and other products, does not guarantee against infections and is not a cure. Users are recommended to test the product before usage and the suppliers warrantee is only for the cost of product not for any incidental losses  or third party losses.