Zepto™ Ultra Express Microspheres (2.5µm) 5 Color Kit

Bead Diameter: 2.5 µm

Composition: Polystyrene
Surface Functionality: Metal coating – binds proteins and other ligands through thiol-, dithiol- and amine-groups with high affinity. No surface activation or manipulation required prior to conjugation.
Excitation & Emission:
ZeptoTM Non-Labeled (ex/em): N.A./N.A. (non fluorescent beads)
ZeptoTM Ultra Blue (ex/em): <435 nm/450 nm
ZeptoTM Ultra Green (ex/em): <510 nm/525 nm
ZeptoTM Ultra Yellow (ex/em): <560 nm/575 nm
ZeptoTM Ultra Red (ex/em): <650 nm/665 nm
Bead Concentration: 1E+8 particles/ml (0.1% w/v)
Volume: 5 x 1 ml in 2 mM sodium citrate
Emission Spectra Zepto Ultra Blue Fluorescent Microspheres
Fig 1. Excitation and emission spectra of Cytodiagnostics ZeptoTM Ultra Express Blue Microspheres.
Fig 2. Excitation and emission spectra of Cytodiagnostics ZeptoTM Ultra Express Green Microspheres.\

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