Zepto™ Ultra Express Yellow Microspheres (2.5µm), 5ML

Bead Diameter: 2.5 µm

Composition: Polystyrene
Surface Functionality: Metal coating – binds proteins and other ligands through thiol-, dithiol- and amine-groups with high affinity. No surface activation or manipulation required prior to conjugation.
Excitation Wavelength: <560 nm
Emission Wavelength: 575 nm
Bead Concentration: 1E+8 particles/ml (0.1% w/v)
Volume: 5 ml in 2 mM sodium citrate
Emission spectra Zepto Ultra Orange Fluorescent Microspheres
Figure 1. Emission spectra of Cytodiagnostics ZeptoTM Ultra Express Yellow Microspheres using an excitation wavelength <560nm.
Zepto Orange Microspheres Flow Cytometry
Figure 2.  Typical flow cytometry analysis data for Cytodiagnostics ZeptoTM Ultra Express Yellow Microspheres showing a side-scatter vs forward-scatter plot (left) and the obtained fluorescence histogram (right).

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