Zirconia granularpowder for dental pre-sintered porcelain

Dental pre sintered zirconia granulation powder (RN-HF-R50K) is a promising dental all-ceramic material. With the improvement of aesthetic requirements, beautiful and durable dental all-ceramic prosthesis has attracted much attention. The application of all-ceramic materials is limited because of its high brittleness, beauty and safety. The dental zirconia granulated powder produced by our company is known as ductile ceramics because of its stress-induced phase transformation toughening properties, and it has high strength and good biocompatibility. It is a new all-ceramic material superior to alumina. 3mo1 yttrium oxide stabilized tetragonal zirconia granulation powder RN-HF-R50K is the most widely used biomedical material at present. It has high strength, high hardness, high stability and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for tooth crown and tooth bridge. Dental pre-sintered zirconia granulated powder after pressure-free pre-sintered zirconia ceramic block has a better whiteness and a strong jade texture. It is suitable for milling with manual grinder or CAD/CAM equipment.

Technical indicators:

Product CodeRN-HF-R50K
crystalline phase3Y Tetragonal phase
ZrO2% (+ HfO2)94.7±0.3
Cl- %≤0.1
Average particle size umAirflow powder      50nm

Packing: 25kg per bag / barrel


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