Zirconia granularpowder for dental pre-sintered porcelain

Dental pre-sintered zirconia granulated powder after pressure-free pre-sintered zirconia ceramic block has a better whiteness and a strong jade texture. It is suitable for milling with manual grinder or CAD/CAM equipment. 3mo1 yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder RN-HF-R50KB is a kind of product with added adhesive, which is very suitable for mechanical pressing and isostatic pressing, which saves the user the trouble of adding adhesive. Compared with traditional dental ceramics, tetragonal zirconia granulated powder (t-ZrO2) polycrystalline ceramics (Y-TZP) with yttrium oxide (Y2O3) as stabilizer has higher toughness due to the stress induced toughening of tetragonal zirconia to monoclinic zirconia (m- ZrO2). And has received the universal attention. Dental pre sintered zirconia granulation powder is an excellent high-tech biomaterial.
Technical indicators:

crystalline phase3Y Tetragonal phase
ZrO2% (+ HfO2)94.7±0.3
Cl- %≤0.1
Average particle size um50±5um


Packing: 25kg per bag / barrel


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