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Endotoxin Free Gold NanoUrchins


Our extensively purified endotoxin free gold nanourchins are ideal for sensitive applications requiring a minimal amount of contaminants, such as cellular toxicity studies, immunological studies, and aseptic assays.

Endotoxin Free Gold NanoUrchins

This product is well suited for conjugate development by passive adsorption of proteins and other ligands to the gold nanourchins surface. The resulting conjugate can then be used in downstream applications.

All of our batches go through stringent quality control prior to shipment to our customers using dynamic light scattering to guarantee size and monodispersity and lot specifications are supplied with each product. The endotoxin levels of all batches are validated by the Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test and do not exceed 0.5EU/mL.

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