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Graphene is a two-dimensional (2D) graphite counterpart with extraordinary properties obtained from the
bonding qualities of Carbon-Carbon bonding (Covalent Bonding). Carbon has four valence electrons,
three of which are involved in bonding with its closest neighbours to form a honeycomb structure. The
high mobility of graphene sheets is due to the delocalization of the π-bonding electrons.
Due to its unique band structure properties defining its enhanced electrical capabilities for a material with
the highest characteristic mobility known to exist at ambient temperature, graphene has incredible
powers. Because of its high mobility and minimal electron–phonon interaction, graphene is an attractive
material for electrical applications demanding high mobility and fast response times.
Industrial Application :
• Extraordinary corrosion protection agent in paints.
• Conductive ink for printed electronics
• Heat dissipative coatings for fibres/ Polymers
• Improvement in Anti static properties

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