ALF, Aluminium fumarate

  • ALF, aluminium fumarate
  • Rhombus-shaped pores of 5.7 x 6.0 Å
  • Specific surface: ca. 1000 m2 /g;
  • Empirical Formula C4 H3 O5 Al;
  • M.wt: 158
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Product Overview

Hiyka's Aluminium Fumarate (AlF) is a high-performance metal-organic framework (MOF) known for its exceptional porosity, stability, and catalytic efficiency. As a cutting-edge material, AlF excels in gas adsorption, separation processes, and serves as a catalyst in various chemical reactions. Engineered to meet the demanding needs of modern industry and research, our Aluminium Fumarate offers a unique combination of properties that drive efficiency and sustainability in applications ranging from environmental remediation to energy storage.

Key factor

Exceptional Porosity: Exhibits one of the highest surface areas among MOFs, enabling remarkable gas storage capacities.

High Thermal and Chemical Stability: Maintains structural integrity and performance under harsh conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Superior Catalytic Properties: Facilitates various chemical transformations with high efficiency and selectivity.

Effective Gas Separation: Demonstrates high selectivity for CO2 capture and other gas separation applications, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Environmental Remediation: Ideal for capturing CO2 and other greenhouse gases, supporting efforts to combat climate change.

Energy Storage: Utilized in the storage of hydrogen and methane, facilitating the development of clean energy solutions.

Catalysis: Acts as an effective catalyst in organic transformations, including esterification and polymerization reactions.

Gas Separation: Efficiently separates gases in petrochemical processes, improving the purity and performance of industrial gases.


Environmental Impact: Offers a greener alternative for gas capture and storage, aiding in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Operational Efficiency: Enhances reaction rates and selectivity in catalysis, leading to more efficient and cost-effective industrial processes.

Versatility: Adapts to multiple applications, from environmental remediation to energy storage and catalysis, showcasing its broad utility.

Safety and Sustainability: Provides a safer, more sustainable option compared to traditional materials used in gas adsorption and catalysis.


Hiyka's Aluminium Fumarate is at the forefront of MOF technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, stability, and versatility. Our AlF is designed to support industries and researchers in overcoming challenges in environmental sustainability, energy storage, and chemical manufacturing. Embrace the future of materials science with Hiyka's Aluminium Fumarate, where innovation meets sustainability.

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