CNTs additive for lithium ion battery

CNTs additive for lithium ion battery
diameter(D50): 50-85nm 
length: 10-15μm 
nitrogen Surface Area: 60 -90m2/g 
adsorption Value: 500ml/100g 
density (in the bag): 0.17g/cm3 
volume resistivity: 2~5×10-4 Ω.cm 
moisture (as packed): 0.1-0.3% 
ash Content: 0.30% 
C: 94% 
Ni: 0.05% 
Mg: 50ppm 
Fe: 50ppm 
PH: 8-9 
Application: it is designed specially for lithium ion battery industry, serve as additive to add into anode material 2-3% and cathode material 1-2%, improve electrical conductive and cycle count greatly.

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