Fe2O3 Iron(III) Oxide

Product Code : RN-HW-P635

Particle Size : 100-200nm

99.8% purity.

property for iron oxide nano powders:

1.Excellent light resistance, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, anti-rust property.

2.Good dispersion, strong tinting strength and hiding power, without oil permeability and water permeability.

3.Non-toxic. In the air of a maximum allowable concentration of 5 mg/m3.

  • Iron(III) oxide, also named for ferric oxide, is the inorganic compound with the formula Fe2O3. When the size of the Fe2O3 Iron(III) oxide is small to nanometer(1~100nm), the surface atomic number, specific surface area and surface energy of the iron oxide particles increase sharply with the decrease of the particle size, which shows the features of small size effect, quantum size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect. It has good optical properties, magnetic properties and catalytic properties etc., which has wide application in the fields of light absorption, medicine, magnetic media and catalysis.
  • Fe2O3 Iron(III) oxide is widely used as pigments and coatings, magnetic materials and magnetic recording materials, catalysts, sensitive materials etc. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to medicine, cosmetics, food colorants used. Non-toxic colorant has become the focus of attention. Under the condition of strictly controlling the arsenic and metal content of nano-iron oxide, it is a good colorant. Ferric oxide nano particles can be used in the manufacture of cosmetic powder, if the used with pearl color, it can make the pearl pigment colored and add the charm of pearl powder. The transparent iron oxide is also used in medicinal gelatin capsules, jellies and certain beverages as a coloring agent.
  • In the application of light absorbing materials: the quantum size effect of the nanoparticles has a blue shift to the absorption of light at a certain wavelength and a broadening of the absorption band for light of various wavelengths. The UV absorption material of nanoparticles is created by use of these two characteristics. In general, the nanoparticle UV absorbing material is a film formed by dispersing the microparticles into a resin. The ability of this film to absorb ultraviolet light depends on the size of the nanoparticles and the amount and composition of the nanoparticles in the resin. Fe2O3 nano-particles of poly-resin film on the light below 600nm have a good absorption capacity, which can be used as semiconductor devices, ultraviolet filters.
  • Fe2O3 Iron(III) oxide with its excellent performance and wide range of uses has attracted people’s attention. Its applications are fruitful in field of food, medicine, decorative materials, and ceramics. With the deepening of researches, new properties of nano iron oxide and its applications will also be increasing. There is no doubt that the application prospect of nanometer iron oxide will be very broad.

Application of nano iron oxide red:

Transparent pigment nano iron oxide red can be used in automotive coatings, wood coatings, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, art paint and plastic, nylon, rubber, printing ink, cosmetics, cigarette packaging.

Transparent pigment nano iron oxide red mix organic pigments, which not only can enrich the colour of pigment, improve the chroma, and can significantly improve the shortage of poor weather resistance.

To fully show iron oxide red transparency and tinting strength, good dispersion is necessary.

1.In the building materials industry, mainly for color cement, colored cement tiles, colored cement tile, imitation glazed tiles, concrete tiles, colored mortar, colored asphalt, terrazzo, mosaic tile, artificial marble and stucco walls, etc.

2.Coloring paints and substances protective. including water-based exterior paints, powder coatings; also apply to oil paint, including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primer and topcoat; paint can also be used in toys decorative paint, furniture paint, lacquer and enamel electrophoresis. Iron red primer with rust function, you can replace expensive red lead paint, saving non-ferrous metals.

3.Plastics coloring, such as thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, and rubber products, coloring, such as automobile tire, aircraft tire tube, bicycle inner tubes, etc.

4.Advanced refiner material, Iron Oxide nanoparticles used in precision metal equipment, optical glass polishing. High purity is the main base powder metallurgy for smelting various magnetic alloys and other high alloy steel.

We also available in the iron oxide black (Fe3O4) , for the further information please contact me freely

Pigment dispersing process:

1. to choose the appropriate binders and wetting dispersing agent;

2. made primary dispersion through wetting and dispersing process of the mechanical equipment;

3. to choose the appropriate grinding equipment for grinding.

Iron Oxide for Electrostatic Shielding Coating:

1. Iron oxide nanoparticles has good weather resistance, ultraviolet light resistance and have good absorption and shielding effect, can be widely used in flash coatings, inks, plastics, leather, automotive finishes, electronics, high magnetic recording material, a catalyst and biomedical engineering, etc., and is expected to develop new applications.

2. Nano-Fe2O3 powders have broad application prospects in electrostatic shielding coatings, such nanoparticles have semiconductor properties than conventional oxide with high conductivity at room temperature, which can play the role of electrostatic shielding.

3. Iron oxide nanoparticles is a good colorant agent, used to make cosmetics powder, if the pearlescent pigments and pearlescent pigments can use colored pearl powder adds charm. Pharmaceutical gelatin capsules, jelly drinks and the like are also used in some of the transparent iron oxide as a colorant.

4. Iron oxide nanoparticles with a huge surface area, surface effect is remarkable, is a good catalyst.

Pack Sizes Available :  100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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