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  • Graphene Modified PA66 (10wt%)

Graphene Modified PA66 (10wt%)

  • Graphene Modified PA66
  • Graphene Content: 10wt%
  • Heat Conductivity: 1.51 W/m.K
  • Heat Diffusion: 0.42 mm/s
  • Specific Heat Capacity: 3.24 J/g.K
  • Surface Resistivity: 10^12 ohmNaN
  • MOQ : 20Kg

Product Overview

Our Graphene-Modified PA66 (10wt%) marks a significant innovation in the realm of advanced materials, seamlessly blending the robustness of Polyamide 66 with the groundbreaking properties of graphene. This composite material, with a 10% graphene content by weight, is engineered to surpass traditional PA66 in strength, thermal resistance, and electrical conductivity. Designed for industries where material performance can make the difference, graphene-modified PA66 is setting new benchmarks.

Key factor

  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: Strengthened with graphene, PA66's already notable tensile strength and durability are further amplified, making it exceptionally resistant to impact and wear.
  • Improved Thermal Resistance: The thermal stability of PA66 is significantly increased, allowing for its use in applications that require sustained performance at elevated temperatures.
  • Electrical Conductivity: Incorporating graphene introduces electrical conductivity to PA66, expanding its applications to include electrostatically sensitive environments.
  • Maintained Processability: Despite the addition of graphene, this modified PA66 retains its ease of processing, compatible with conventional injection molding and extrusion techniques.
  • Sustainability Focus: By enhancing the material's properties, the longevity of products can be extended, contributing to more sustainable manufacturing and product lifecycle practices.


  • Broadened Application Scope: The superior properties of graphene-modified PA66 make it suitable for a wide array of applications, from automotive to electronics and beyond.
  • Elevated Performance: Devices and components benefit from the material's increased durability, thermal resistance, and conductivity, leading to improved overall performance.
  • Cost Savings: The enhanced durability and extended service life of components made with graphene-modified PA66 can lead to significant cost savings over time.
  • Design Flexibility: The material's versatility and enhanced properties allow for greater freedom in design and engineering, pushing the limits of innovation.


  • Automotive Engineering: From engine components to electrical systems, the material's enhanced properties ensure reliability under demanding conditions.
  • Electrical and Electronic Components: Ideal for manufacturing connectors, switches, and casings that require improved conductivity and thermal management.
  • Industrial Machinery: Components such as gears, bearings, and structural elements benefit from the material's increased strength and durability.
  • Consumer Products: Utilized in durable goods where longevity and performance are key consumer requirements.


Graphene-Modified PA66 (10wt%) represents a leap forward in polymer technology, offering unparalleled improvements in mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and electrical conductivity. This material solution opens new horizons for innovation across various industries, promising to elevate the performance and sustainability of countless products. Embrace the future of material science with our cutting-edge graphene-modified PA66, where enhanced performance meets sustainable engineering.

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