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  • Graphene Modified PA66 (20wt%)

Graphene Modified PA66 (20wt%)

  • Graphene Modified PA66
  • Graphene Content: 20wt%
  • Heat Conductivity: 2.65 W/m.K
  • Heat Diffusion: 0.689 mm/s
  • Specific Heat Capacity: 3.47 J/g.K
  • Surface Resistivity: 10^6 ohmNaN
  • MOQ : 20Kg
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Product Overview

Graphene-Modified PA66 (20wt%) embodies the pinnacle of composite material development, integrating the remarkable properties of graphene into the already robust Polyamide 66 framework. This enhancement not only retains the intrinsic characteristics of PA66 but also significantly amplifies its mechanical strength, thermal stability, and electrical conductivity. Engineered for sectors demanding the utmost in material performance, our graphene-modified PA66 is the material of choice for forward-thinking innovations.

Key factor

  • Exceptional Mechanical Strength: The 20% graphene content exponentially increases the tensile strength and impact resistance of PA66, making it ideal for applications requiring superior durability.
  • Superior Thermal Performance: Enhanced thermal stability and conductivity allow for operations in higher temperature environments, extending the usability of PA66 in thermal management applications.
  • Increased Electrical Conductivity: By incorporating graphene, this composite material achieves electrical conductivity, broadening its use in electrostatically sensitive and electronically active environments.
  • Robust Chemical Resistance: Inherits PA66’s chemical resistance, with graphene further enhancing its barrier properties against aggressive substances.


  • Unmatched Performance: Sets a new standard for high-performance materials in terms of strength, thermal handling, and conductivity.
  • Enhanced Product Lifespan: Components made from this material exhibit longer operational life due to improved wear resistance and material integrity.
  • Innovative Application Potential: Opens up new possibilities in designing parts and components that were previously limited by material constraints.
  • Economic Efficiency: Offers a cost-effective solution by reducing the need for additional processing or secondary materials to achieve desired properties.


  • High-Performance Automotive Components: Ideal for under-hood parts, structural elements, and electrical connectors requiring exceptional durability and thermal stability.
  • Electronics and Electrical Systems: Suitable for components that necessitate a balance of electrical conductivity and insulation, along with thermal management.
  • Aerospace and Defense: For components demanding high strength-to-weight ratios, thermal stability, and resistance to environmental stressors.
  • Industrial Equipment: Enhances gears, bearings, and structural materials in machinery requiring advanced material properties for increased efficiency and longevity.


Graphene-Modified PA66 (20wt%) represents a monumental leap in the field of engineered materials, offering unparalleled strength, thermal capabilities, and electrical performance. As industries continue to evolve towards more demanding and sophisticated applications, our composite material provides a reliable and innovative solution that meets these challenges head-on. Adopt graphene-modified PA66 in your next project to push the boundaries of what's possible, driving technological advancement and material innovation.

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