Graphene Polylactide Composite Filament

Graphene Polylactide Composite Filament
Graphene content: 0.0001%, 0.01%, 0.5%
Wire diameter: 1.75mm±0.03mm / 3.00mm±0.03mm
Printing thickness: 0.05mm~0.4mm
Optimum printing temperature: 190~220 centigrade
Bottom temperature: no heating
Feeding speed: 30~60mm/s
Idling speed: 30~60mm/s
Standard: 500 grams/spool
Application: 3D printing
Feature: excellent mechanical properties, strength and toughness are improved a lot, stiffness is increased
Shrinkage is low, printing dimensional stability, printing temperature at 190~220 degrees centigrade which is lower than other materials. Good lubricating property, easy out of silk, no plug. Universal printing material which are applicable to mainstream FDM 3D printers on the market.