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  • Helical Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube

Helical Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube

  • Helical Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube;
  • Outer Diameter: 100-200nm;
  • Length: 1-10um;
  • CNT content: >60wt%;
  • Specific Surface Area: >30m2/g;
  • ASH: <5.0wt%;
  • Ignited Temperature: 560-600 degree Celsius.
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Product Overview

"Experience the cutting edge of nanomaterials with our Helical Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs). Crafted through a precise synthesis process, these helical MWCNTs stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a unique combination of flexibility, strength, and conductivity. Their spiral structure opens new possibilities in mechanical reinforcement, electrical conductivity, and thermal management across a range of industrial applications. Ideal for researchers and engineers looking to push the boundaries of current technologies and materials."

Key factor

  • Unique Helical Structure: Distinct from straight MWCNTs, offering new functionalities and integration possibilities.
  • High Purity and Quality: Rigorous manufacturing standards ensure exceptional material properties and performance.
  • Versatile Application Range: From advanced composites and coatings to electronics and energy storage, helical MWCNTs offer broad utility.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Contributes to the development of sustainable technologies and materials.


  • Composite Materials: Strengthens polymers, metals, and ceramics while providing unique electrical and thermal properties.
  • Electronics and Photonics: Enables the creation of next-generation electronic components and photonic devices.
  • Energy Storage and Conversion: Enhances the efficiency and capacity of batteries, supercapacitors, and solar cells.
  • Catalysis and Filtration: Improves the performance of catalysts and filters through high surface area and reactivity.


  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: The helical structure provides superior flexibility and tensile strength, ideal for reinforcing materials under dynamic stress.
  • Superior Electrical and Thermal Conductivity: Facilitates use in applications requiring efficient energy transfer and dissipation.
  • Innovative Design Potential: The unique helical shape enables novel applications in nanodevices, including sensors, actuators, and electromechanical systems.
  • High Surface Area: Offers improved chemical reactivity and adsorption properties, suitable for catalysis and filtration applications.


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